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False Eyelashes: Doís, Doníts and How-To!

Discussions on "False Eyelashes: Doís, Doníts and How-To!" in "Misc Beauty" forum.

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    False Eyelashes: Doís, Doníts and How-To!

    The Doís
    If youíre a newbie, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Apply the glue in dots not excessively, so as to assure your false lashes donít clump up. Trim the length of each individual lash or strip to fit your eyes perfectly, not too long and not too short. Lastly, apply mascara afterwards for uniformity.

    The Doníts
    Remember to wait thirty seconds after applying the glue before placing each lash or strip. Never use falsies if youíre recovering from a rash or eye infection. If the adhesive does manage to get into your eye by mistake, wash out with warm water and if irritation or redness persist visit a doctor as quickly as possible.

    How to pick the right falsies

    With numerous products flooding the markets and equally rave reviews, how does one choose the perfect faux-pair? Itís actually quite simple; there are two main components to factor in. One, the shape of your eyes and second the occasion. If you have smaller eyes, use individual lashes to complement your face. For bigger, bolder almond eyes use strips to elongate.

    Keep it simple, classy and formal for a more natural look during the day. At night dare to go wild, experiment with luxuriously long lashes, glitter, metallic tones and amp up the curls!

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