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Tips to keep your makeup smudge proof

Discussions on "Tips to keep your makeup smudge proof" in "Misc Beauty" forum.

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    Tips to keep your makeup smudge proof

    Tips to keep your makeup smudge proof

    So you know the fine art of applying makeup. But do you know how to make it last long? Read on...

    1. Start with cleansing and toning your skin to remove surface oils that cause makeup to fade and smear. Use skincare products designed for your skin type and pay special attention to the T-zone if you have oily or combination skin.

    2. Moisturize your face with a lightweight cream. Preferably use a light sun block to address dry skin and provide a smooth canvas for makeup. It will last longer as it is less prone to be absorbed into the pores.

    3. Apply a good quality cream-based foundation, designed for longer wear. Waterproof foundations are also good. Look for powder-based, anti-ageing makeup or thicker compact-style makeup. Use a clean sponge and work in an upward and outward direction. Blend the foundation around the edges but avoid rubbing it into the skin. Next, apply loose powder. If you only want the powder in certain areas such as the nose and chin, apply with a powder puff. If you want to use the powder to blot the shine on your whole face, apply with a powder brush.

    4. Apply a non-oily concealer on spotty areas, You can also use it as an eye shadow base; it lasts longer.

    5. Add color to your face with your first layer of blush or bronzer. Use a cream blush or powder bronzer depending on your skin type, with either a sponge or good quality brush. The color should blend in with your skin.

    6. Powder your face with lightweight, loose translucent powder and a dense, large powder brush. Apply the powder over your skin. Repeat the application on oily areas and cover your lashes as well. Good quality powder is a critical step to make makeup last longer.

    7. Add another light layer of powdered blush or bronzer. Loose powder may work best when applying over powder makeup. First tap any excess off. Practice makes perfect to avoid a blotchy look. Skip this step if you have dry, flaky skin.

    8. To make your lipstick last longer, first apply a thin layer of foundation to lips. Line and fill in your whole mouth with a neutral lip pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick, blot, and then finish with a light layer of gloss. You can also use this technique: take a tissue and separate into one-ply, if needed. Use toilet paper if the tissue is too thick and not semi-translucent. Lay the tissue lightly over your lips. Using light pressure, apply a generous amount of loose translucent powder onto the tissue, and then remove. Use choice of lip gloss.

    9. Enjoy longer lasting eye makeup by applying it in light layers. For eyeliner and kohl, apply once, powder lightly, then reapply or use liquid liner on top. Mascara lasts longer when applied in two coats on powdered eyelashes. Preferably, use water proof mascara.

    10. Eye shadow works well when applied both in cream and powder form. Optionally, blend and set using a blush brush dipped in light pink blush or neutral powder.

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    Re: Tips to keep your makeup smudge proof

    yu ve gvn effective tips to follow. thank you so much.

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