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17 Products every girl must own

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    17 Products every girl must own

    17 Products every girl must own

    I've taken this piece as a bit of a challenge. I've never really thought of building a make-up essentials list, but I couldn't think of a better way to say Happy 17th Birthday, so here I am. This one's for you, and all the women out there who love you!

    1. H20 by Nature

    Spring, bottled or tap, it is the elixir of life and the best moisturiser out there. Drink it, lots of it!

    2. Exercise by You

    Find what you fancy and stick to it for an hour, at least three days a week. This is an antioxidant, adrenaline booster and beautifier all rolled into one.

    3. Beauty flash balm by Clarins

    The name says it all. Makes even the most tired complexion glow, even after one of those nights out.

    4. Aveda shampoo & conditioner

    I often change my brand depending on which drugstore or salon I step into. I use the one for curly hair, for obvious reasons.

    5. Spiral Splendor by L'Oreal'

    It somehow conquers the side effects of humidity, chlorine and pollution and allows my hair to keep its character and still feel

    6. Mac Golden Bronzer

    Magically sun-kissed in moments, with just a few strokes of the brush of this iridescent powder. Top your chosen blush tone or go nude on it's own. Does wonders for dark skin, so don't shy away.

    7. Mac Select Cover Up

    The perfect under eye cover up for those days you wish you could push the snooze button into permanent rest. Doubles up as foundation too, if you mix it with a moisturiser.

    8. Nars Blush in Orgasm

    A peachy pink that flatters most skin tones, day or night, depending on how you use it.

    9. Mac Lipstick in Blankety

    Since I mostly wear lipstick at night, this pinkish beige goes great with smoky eyes and looks luscious with a little gloss.

    10. Kiehls Lip Gloss

    This is my daily companion; it's light, non-sticky and every tint is delicious.

    11. Mac Foundation in SPF 15

    I'm relying less and less on foundation but this still makes your skin feel like it has life and gives you UV protection.

    12. Mac Prep + prime

    This transparent powder gives you the 'finished look' an evening out calls for.

    13. Mac eyeshadows in Era Satin and Smut Velvet

    Perfect for the smoky evening out. There is such an incredible range, and palette of colours - it's like walking into a candy store! Everyone can find something that would suit their colouring and mood.

    14. Nars lip crayon in matte velvet

    A crayon that stays on the lips and has a rich, soft, comfortable texture. Comes in all kinds of shades from nude to red.

    15. DiorShow mascara

    The fool proof mascara. Thickens, lengthens and doesn't clump.

    16. Kiehls moisturiser

    Take your pick. They've got a wide range of moisturisers and will do exactly what you buy them for.

    17. White tea extract facial cleanser

    Something ayurvedic I picked up in Sri Lanka. It's packed with antioxidants and doesn't give that dried out feel most cleansers do.

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