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The eyebrow evolution

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    The eyebrow evolution

    The eyebrow evolution

    Eyebrows are one feature of your face that can actually change the way you look. Just like any other trend that evolves, the shapes of the eyebrows has also changed over the years.

    1920: Way back in the 20s the trend setter was actress Clara Brown with her over tweezed straight thin brows. They went down from the corner of the eye down to the temple. Such a look always gave a pensive expression to the bearer.

    1930: In the 30s actresses like Jean Harlow gave their brows a little more curve. The height of the brow was higher than usual but were thin and dark. They ended up giving a clueless or surprised look to the women.

    1940: Veronica Lake's soft curls went perfect with the slightly natural look that she sported. She brought in the trend of slightly thicker brows which were a nice change from the serious look that the thin eyebrows gave a couple of years back.

    1950: This decade had Marilyn Monroe stealing everyone's heart. Her brows were thick in the middle with a sharp arch in the centre. This trend was followed by all and sundry.

    1960: The eyebrows were shaved off and drawn in single, natural strokes along the line of the brow. One of the most famous examples is Italian actress, Sophia Loren, who had thick curvy eyebrows.

    1970: This decade was the rise of the hippie culture. Eyebrows went back to being on the thinner side with a thick ball just at the beginning of the brow, as seen on Jane Fonda and Zeenat Aman.

    1980: No more tweezing, no more shaving was the trend in this decade. Women all over started going with their natural growth style. They were certainly heavy and bushy. Actresses Ali McGraw and Brooke Shields were the perfect example.

    1990: The trend for heavier eyebrows continued. The natural growth pattern continued but were cleaner than the previous decade. Bollywood beauty Kajol could be seen sporting that look at the beginning of her career.

    2000: The brows were not experimented with much in this decade. Everybody preferred a natural but cleaned look that suited their face. The arc was not high or low but just the way it should be

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    Re: The eyebrow evolution

    Interesting information on EYEBROWS SHAPING EVOLUTION



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