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diabetic miscarraige

Discussions on "diabetic miscarraige" in "Miscarriage" forum.

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    diabetic miscarraige

    hi iam a diabetic .Last year i had a misscarraige because of it. iam feeling afraid to plan my next pregnency. can u please give me some suugetions.so that i can plan for my next pregnancy.

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    Re: diabetic miscarraige

    Quote Originally Posted by spurthi View Post
    hi iam a diabetic .Last year i had a misscarraige because of it. iam feeling afraid to plan my next pregnency. can u please give me some suugetions.so that i can plan for my next pregnancy.
    Hi Spurthi,
    Sorry about your miscarriage......

    you need to discuss with your Diabetologist.... also get advice from an obstretician about planning pregnancy....

    you will have to have ideal wt for your ht.... keep your blood sugar under control Prenatally....

    Take your prenatal vitamins....

    Do Yoga and Meditation.... Try to be stress free...Stress is bad for both diabetes control and when trying to conceive.....

    once pregnancy is confirmed your blood sugar needs to be monitored well on a regular(daily) basis ...and you should be under the joint care of both the obstretician and diabetologist.....

    be sensible in eating while pregnant .... bcos u ll have to eat fruits and this will affect blood sugars....

    Check glycemic index of fruits , veg , pulses.... choose food with low GI ...
    Eat little and often... mild excercises...

    Avoid fruit juices eat whole fruits.....( my personal experience with gestational diab --fruit juices consumption changed my status from diet controlled to insulin dependent within 2 -3 weeks)....

    You need a postive frame of mind with good support from family and the proper advice and care from your doctors....

    if you start with very well controlled status it should be ok....

    Ensure you are not anemic prenatal--- bcos thing that are iron rich tend to be sweet ......

    My friend has IDDM.. BUT SHE HAS 2 HEALTHY CHILDREN.....

    Hope this helps Spurthi....Recite Garbarakshambikkai sthothram and also Mritunjay sthothram....

    All the Best...and waiting to hear the good news....

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    Re: diabetic miscarraige

    Welcome to Penmai spurthi.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. But do not worry.

    Nowadays, being diabetic during pregnancy is not at all a big problem.

    Many girls have delivered safely despite being diabetic.

    Many girls have been diagnosed as GESTATIONAL DIABETIC.

    So, need not worry for this.

    Priya has suggested good tips.

    First, you consult your Gynaec. and then plan for the next pregnancy. she will give you valuable tips, to avoid miscarriages.

    Then she herself may suggest a good ENDOCRINOLOGIST, whom will take care of your diabetes. You may need to take INSULIN INJECTION, during pregnancy. Because, during pregnancy, tablets should not be taken, since it may affect the child's growth. Insulin injection will not have adverse effects.

    ALL THE BEST for your safe pregnancy and safe delivery.




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