99 Things Men Think But Never Say

ome guys rarely speak out their thoughts, while others are selective about what they share. Here, we have put across 99 things that a guy may think, but will not say aloud to you. Of course, the list is not universal and certainly not exhaustive!

These statements may appear in a guyís mind depending upon his character, the situation, your relationship with him, his state of mind and your behavior.

1. Iím still in love with my ex.
2. You are so hot!
3. Your legs are hairy. Please shave!
4. I like your friend better.
5. You must not see your ex-boyfriend anymore!
6. Will you please stop nagging?
7. I like to be around you.
8. Iím so mad at you right now.
9. Hey! I donít like your dog.
10. I think you are fat.
11. Your hair is so dry and dull! Get a hair spa done or something!
12. I wish you called me more often.
13. You should not talk to that guy in your office.
14. I feel so jealous when other guys flirt with you.
15. Iím so glad you are going out with me, and not with that moron friend of mine.
16. You need to lose some weight.
17. I think your friend is hitting on me.
18. I donít have that much money.
19. Your hair stinks.
20. I have found happiness in you.
21. We should probably get married.
22. I donít like your mom.
23. I think your friend is a snob.
24. This new sexy dress doesnít suit you.
25. You spend way too much money.
26. Iím so wrong, you are right!
27. Why do you want to wear such a tight dress?
28. You have too much makeup on your face.
29. Iím broke.
30. You are obese.
31. I donít want to go out with you. Iíd just like to sit at home and do nothing.
32. I donít want to watch that chick lit movie.
33. Your sense of humor doesnít make me laugh at all.
34. I just want to have sex with you!
35. I love you just the way you are. Donít ever change.
36. I love my mother a lot.
37. Iím sad and depressed.
38. Iím tired of your complaints.
39. Grow up!
40. I want to meet your parents.
41. I need your help.
42. Your new hair do looks funny.
43. I donít like it when you flirt.
44. You are so unclean. Why donít you take a bath?
45. Will you please wash your hair?
46. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
47. Your cooking is terrible.
48. I donít like the shirt you bought me.
49. I love your smile.
50. I love to inhale the fragrance of your hair.
51. I donít want to meet your parents.
52. I smoked a few extra cigarettes today despite your disapproval.
53. I donít think you are making much sense.
54. I just donít understand what you want.
55. I need to have some guysí time with my friends.
56. I love it when you touch my hands and rub them.
57. I wish youíd understand me better.
58. Iím tired of doing things for you.
59. Your eyes are so captivating.
60. Iím lucky to have you by my side.
61. I wish youíd just speak your heart out instead of giving me hints.
62. I want you to pay attention when Iím speaking.
63. Your friend is so hot.
64. You look so cute in my shirt.
65. I hate kids.
66. Why do you have to gossip all the time?
67. I love the way you curl up your hair in your fingers.
68. I want you to be possessive of me.
69. Your sister is such a bitch.
70. I love it when you treat me like a kid.
71. I didnít come to you for advice.
72. I want you to fulfill my fantasy in bed.
73. This relationship is suffocating me.
74. I hate to be around your parents.
75. Iím so immature at handling relationships.
76. Donít ever leave me. I will die.
77. Iím crazy about you.
78. My ex-girlfriend was way cuter that you are.
79. I wish you let me decide at least once in a while.
80. I just want to watch some football! Can we talk later?
81. Why donít you go on a diet?
82. I hate pink.
83. Stop being a drama queen.
84. I donít like to see you cry.
85. Will you just pick up something? We have been here for hours.
86. Iím really sorry for having made fun of you.
87. Iím so possessive of you.
88. I donít want to have sex tonight!
89. Your dress is way too seductive. Cover up!
90. I donít want to baby sit your sisterís kids!
91. I hate to go shopping with you.
92. I wish you said sweet things to me more often.
93. Oh My God! You drink too much alcohol.
94. We should have sex more often.
95. Your friend is a beauty to look at.
96. That girl over the check out counter is so hot!
97. I wish we spent more time watching baseball.
98. I would die without you.
99. I love you. Truly, Madly and Deeply!

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