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10 indoor date ideas

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    10 indoor date ideas

    10 indoor date ideas

    Ditch the standard movie-and-dinner routine this weekend for a fun at-home date

    1. Play a Hindi movie or English movie DVD on mute: Together, try to make up the words they are saying. Make up a story as you go along. The more outrageous it is, the more hilarious it gets.

    2. Team up in the kitchen: Bake chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes or rustle up a fresh and juicy salad with mozzarella cheese. Linger over appetisers or share a perfectly grilled steak and embrace the closeness that comes from sharing a meal that you both helped prepare together.

    3. Paint together: Bring out your water colours, crayons and sketching pencils. You can paint on paper, canvas or each other's clothes. Better still, paint on his body — for this one, you'll have to raid your fridge (because that's where the fudge and syrups are).

    4. At night, go to the terrace and watch the moon and stars: What better than a starry night to bring out your romantic best?

    5. Take a tip from the book 500 Great Dates: Creative, Fun, and Sexy Ways to Spend Time Together by Lisa Sussman: Get take-out pizza and watch home videos of yourselves as kids or your parents. It's not the latest feature flick, but it is your family history and a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

    6. Tell each other stories about your relationship — what he wore the first time you met, the first time you said "I love you," to him or funny bloopers during your courtship. It will bring back the butterflies.

    7. Make an inspiration board together: Use photos, tickets and memorabilia to celebrate all the things you've done as a couple. Throw in a collage of what you both want in future.

    8. Transform your bedroom into a hotel room: Complete with a number on the door, mints on a freshly made bed, a stack of towels and a few fizzy bath tablets in the bathroom, cute stationery and a pen (for writing love notes), and a bottle of cool white wine.

    9. Have an indoor camp: Put up a tent in your living room. Tell spooky stories and cuddle to sleep. Marshmallows and camping snacks are a must.

    10. Have a movie marathon: Instead of the usual suspects — romantic movies or chick flicks — pile up a good comedy set or a fantasy series like The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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