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Overshadowed by a popular partner?

Discussions on "Overshadowed by a popular partner?" in "My Better half" forum.

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    Overshadowed by a popular partner?

    Overshadowed by a popular partner?

    Take this quiz to find out how comfortable you are with an immensely popular partner.

    Insecurity can occur in any relationship, especially when you are dating someone who is way more charming than you are. Can you deal with the attention your partner receives? Answer the following questions to find out how comfortable you are about your partner's popularity.

    Do you feel that your partner looks better than you?
    A. I think my partner looks way better than me. I'll lose him/her because of it.
    B. He/she is good-looking, undoubtedly. But so am I.

    At parties, your partner is always the centre of attraction. Does it bother you?
    A. Yes, always. I feel I am invisible when he/she is around.
    B. No, it is fun to be with a popular partner. I also get attention without asking for it.

    When someone subtly hints about how well your partner is doing professionally, you:
    A. Get irked, because you feel no one sees how well your career is shaping up.
    B. Feel very proud that your partner is quite a star when it comes to work.

    Have you ever felt insecure about your partner thinking you are not good enough?
    A. I always do. I feel he/she will leave me for someone better.
    B. No way. I'm pretty sure I am way too good for him/her.

    If most of your answers are:
    Most A's: You are extremely jealous about your partner's popularity. Not only that, you are very low on self-esteem. In general, you are an insecure person. Trust your relationship and most importantly, your partner. It's high time you start thinking you are good for him/her, because that's why he/she is with you.

    Most B's: Way to go! You are pretty much unaffected by your partner's popularity. In fact, you don't even mind gaining from it. It's amazing how you have dealt with the whole situation and how sorted you are when it comes to your relationship. Be just the way you are

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    Re: Overshadowed by a popular partner?

    Nice quiz you have given Vijigermany. thanks for giving such a novel idea to find out whether we are overshadowed by a popular partner.

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    Re: Overshadowed by a popular partner?

    Interesting . Innum konjam detaied a normal husband and wife ku irundha niraiya perukku useful a irukkum.




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