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What stage are you at?

Discussions on "What stage are you at?" in "My Better half" forum.

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    What stage are you at?

    What stage are you at?

    Interestingly, experts have managed to break down a relationship into six stages:

    Romance (lasts about 18 months)

    Identity (coming to terms with reality and the fact that no one's perfect)

    Foundation (degree of disillusionment creeps in)

    Divergence (couples realise they need their space at about four years)

    Finding oneself (identity issues are resolved)

    Autonomy (after 10 years together, couples become accepting).

    It's when couples live through these that their relationship evolves systematically.

    For those who refuse to wait that long, 18 months is the must-wait period according to Dr Huston. "It takes about eight months for the fantasy to wear off and to start seeing the other person for who he or she really is.

    In the second year together, people often stop being at their best behaviour and you notice more of their flaws.

    You have had time to have arguments, and see how to fight and resolve (or don't resolve) issues.

    By 18 months, you have a better sense of who you are marrying and have accepted the person for who s/ he is.

    Expecting someone to change once they are married is only asking for trouble because they probably won't," he says in his findings.

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    Re: What stage are you at?

    Relationship always need trust and understanding. If there is no understanding , bonding and trust . Then love cant surivive



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