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Ways to help your man de-stress

Discussions on "Ways to help your man de-stress" in "My Better half" forum.

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    Ways to help your man de-stress

    Ways to help your man de-stress

    There may be days when your man may not wish to do anything but just curl up and relax on the couch after a hectic and tiring day. What you need to do is take the cues and help him unwind instead of making it all the more exhausting for him. Here's how.

    1. Be a good listener

    It's time to turn off the TV or radio, look into his eyes and give him your full attention. Many men wish to share their feelings or worries instead of keeping all their tensions bottled up. So give me an ear and patiently listen to everything he has to say without giving him any piece of advice. You can occasionally comment so that he feels you're interested. Avoid giving him solutions or advice on how to deal with selfish co-workers or an insensitive boss unless he asks as this might just put him off.

    2. Exercise together

    If your sweetheart is a fitness freak, nothing except exercising or playing his favourite sport can make him feel good. So encourage him to grab his sport shoes and head to the health club with him. You can take a long run, swim, play badminton or enjoy any sport together. It will work wonders in on his mood and may be on yours too.

    3. Have a low-key night

    If your man had a rough day at the office, he may not feel like stepping out of home or going to club that night. He may just want to curl up on the couch in his sweatpants with a glass of beer and a bowl of chips. So neither pressurise him to go out with you nor make him feel guilty for wanting to stay at home; instead cooperate and help him unwind. Afterall, it's the company that matters and not the place.

    4. Make him his favourite dish

    A way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Prepare him something he loves and usually craves for. Dishes like pasta with garlic bread, grilled chicken and delicious desserts are comfort foods. Further, decorate the table with candles and dim the lights to make him feel special and see his stress melt away like butter.

    5. Make him feel desirable

    After a tiring day, your man may not initiate sex as stress quite kills the libido. So what if you have to? Send him a suggestive SMS making him feel wanted. Once he's in the bedroom, you may take the lead and start with a soothing massage followed by a sexy lap dance. He will certainly appreciate your gesture. If he doesn't seem interested or doesn't respond, respect that and don't take it personally. If not sex, you can even give him a hot oil scalp massage. That might definitely work!

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    Re: Ways to help your man de-stress

    i agree with this if these are followed sincerely then you would gain more and more from it



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