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What menís shoes reveal to women

Discussions on "What menís shoes reveal to women" in "My Better half" forum.

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    What menís shoes reveal to women

    What menís shoes reveal to women

    Women can find a lot of things just by looking at a man's shoes, a survey has revealed.

    A pair of loafers tells women that a man is image conscious. When they see these footwear options they know that it is possible that the man will have a better skin-care routine than them.

    And if a person wears them with cuffed trousers they know that they could spend more time in front of the mirror than they do. If men wear them with cuffed trousers with no socks then they know that the men are batting for the other team, stuff.com reported.

    If a person wears joggers the women think that he is a very very funny person.

    Men wearing brogues are traditional, dependable and reliable. Brogues say father, husband, and a life-long friend. But the wearer can also potentially be a little dull.

    Men who wear logo shoes mostly are trying to prove a point.

    If a man wears work boots, it tells the women that he has a traditional personality, is from a traditional family that is traditionally comforting. The work boots could also mean that the man has a country property.

    Men who wear hiking boots, are people who really want to be on a mountain, as Hiker boots says that the person is an adventurer and wanderer.

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    Re: What menís shoes reveal to women

    Very nice explanations regarding men's character as per their shoes. thank you

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