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love with a woman

Discussions on "love with a woman" in "My Better half" forum.

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    Dec 2014

    love with a woman

    My husband was in love with another married woman in his office. What to do how to save my life.

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    Re: love with a woman

    omg , don't worry... vasanthi...

    jeyan.... sumi akka.. mahiiiii........ellarom ingaaa sikiramaaaa odivaaangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    please... inga ivangaluku oru solution sollungaaaaa.........

    don't worry. our seniors are their for you they help and guide you.... what to do ?

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    You where there when no one was..
    With you there are no reasons or cause..
    You understand my mind in a perfect way..
    I don't even have to say..
    I am so lucky to have you in my life..
    Without you in my life, i would have to strive..
    Thanks my friend for everything..
    Without you life is nothing..


    There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way.

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    Re: love with a woman

    Welcome to Penmai.....Vasanthi.

    Feel very sad to hear about your Husband's behaviour.

    First of all, how did you come to know about this extra marital affair?

    Are you sure about this?

    First of all , you should get 100% confirmed about this matter.

    You cannot conclude just by hearing or seeing.

    If you have the doubt, then you may ask your husband when he is in good mood and when you both are alone in the house.

    This is a very delicate issue and you should handle this very carefully.

    First ask him softly about all his friends in his office and department and then continue to ask about his friendship with ladies .

    Then ask about his friendship with this lady.

    You should be very patient till he finishes his talks.

    After that, you may ask him about your doubt, as how you came to know about this.

    Here you may tell him that you are not ready to believe this since you have lot of confidence in his love and affection towards you.

    Wait and watch his reply.

    If he is denying his affair with her, then you may tell him that he is the most lovable , affectionate, trustworthy person for you than anyone else.

    So, you trust him forever.

    Also tell him that you believe strongly, that he will also show the same trust, love and affection towards you and keep up your belief.

    You can also tell him that even if he had any interest in her, plead him to leave that interest which will never be worthy and will ruin both your married life and the life of your children.

    Tell him that her married life will also be in trouble in future.

    Both of them will loose their respect among their friends and relatives and also in the society.

    If suppose he is accepting his affair with her, then ask him for the reason, why he is ready to leave you.

    If he is listing any behaviour of yours which he doesn't like, you may assure him that you will certainly change them.

    Priorotise your children and her children's mental disturbance if this relationship continues in future.

    Finally, if he is still adamant in his attitude, then you may ask him whether he would accept, if you are indulging in such an extramarital affair with any other man.

    If still he is reluctant to your suggestions and advice, then you may talk to that lady personally when she is alone and explain all the above.

    If they both still continue their relationship, then you may seek help from his parents first (your MIL should be the first person to know) and then your parents.

    This may get solved with the elder's intervention.

    All the best.

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