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First stage:

When you are in a new relationship first try to know his/her details like family background, educational qualifications, job specifications then on your first date try to gain knowledge about their own personal interests, character, their dream and all. Though itís nice to see the love at first sight concept in films its practically impossible!!

Donít overdo anything artificially to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend, this kind of cheating or artificial relationship doesnít exist for a long while. If your mateís character is not ok with you then no relationship exists so after your crush, the next step is to analyze whether the relationship is going to continue or not.

Middle stage:

After your first date and some informal meetings, dinners you will feel that your relationship is very romantic, going in a smooth way like a cherry on an ice-cream. But everyone has their own ego and anger.

When you experience or feel this ego or anger from your boyfriend or girlfriend and if you try to adjust that showís that your love is true and you have the capacity to understand and respect their own feelings.

Last stage:

This stage is after marriage. Not all successful love ends in a happy and contended marriage. This is because after marriage many stop loving each other. Please do be the same after marriage also expect that you have the responsibility of running a family. Give your mate their own space and donít expect them to be in your control.

Say for example if you donít like cricket and if your soul mate is crazy with it donít show any discouraging signs towards them. Like this many simple things matters a lot. Share your happiness as well as your sadness. There is always a warm hand to wipe your tears and hold your hand lifelong. If you have any complaints be frank and tell him/her in a polite and affectionate manner. Thatís it all is well!!


Sumathi Srini

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