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My husband scared of my labour

Discussions on "My husband scared of my labour" in "My Better half" forum.

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    My husband scared of my labour

    Hi friends

    My DH is very caring and loveable person. He is loving me more than anything. He is showing atmost care. Now I am pregnant and its my 8th month. My DD is April 14. My husband is worrying much about my labour. He is very much scared of labour. I don’t know how to console him. Even I also little fear about labour. But my husband is always thinking of that only and worrying much for my pains. Please tell me how to console him. I am losing my courage when he is talking with fear of my labour.

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    Re: My husband scared of my labour

    Hi Subathra

    Welcome to Penmai.

    First one thing you understand, If the pain is unbearable nobody will go for second delivery. Why you both are thinking about pain? think about your baby. In two months you are going to see your baby. A cute small baby.

    Every ladies will worry about pain. But husbands should be bold. Tell your husband to see his mother. His mother also had same pain when she delivered your husband.

    Think positive. Be bold. All the best.

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    Re: My husband scared of my labour

    hi subathra

    congrats for your pregnancy. some men are like that only. they worried a lot for their better half's labour pain. my sister's husband also did the same. though she understood his feelings, she scold him whenever he talking about pain and worrying for that. or else he don't stop his polambals. my sister was very strong and confident and she beard the labour pain. but her husband only very tensed.

    be bold and strong. when he talks about the labour, you tell him that you can very well manage with your labour pain and you can bear the pain and all. just show him that you are very confident and strong. let him get confidence from you . take care. we pray for your safe delivery.

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