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Help pls

Discussions on "Help pls" in "My Better half" forum.

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    Help pls

    Hello friends

    I am married for 5 years and living in Qatar. I am in confusion. I am living my married life happily. But last one week, I am not in my control. I am losing my trust on him. Last week I just like that opened his mail but didnít checked anything. My hubby certainly came and closed the mail and scolding me for opening mail box. I used to check his mail very often before. But he didnít react anything like this before. He itself asked me to check his mail at times. I am shocked this time. After that, I noticed some changes in him. He is talking with somebody but not saying anything about the call. I am worrying a lot. Will my hubby have any affair? How can I find that?

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    Re: Help pls

    hi charulatha, don't decide and judge your husband anything just because of these incidents. there may be some reasons for your husband for behaving like that.

    and more over, it is not necessary to tell all things to you that to whom he is talking and what he is talking. you should not nag him about this. he will be tensed if you started enquire about this. for checking his inbox, he might have anything important in his mail box and he might behaved like that.

    don't get confused. you may talk to your husband about this. ask him why he behaved like that? if you get satisfied reply, then there is nothing to worry for your doubt and all.

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