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personalities of men

Discussions on "personalities of men" in "My Better half" forum.

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    personalities of men

    never changing habits of men

    . In other words, the man you know can be a genius or, if you are distinctly unlucky, a bit of an ass. But both are likely to share a set of qualities that are not 'manly' on paper but a part of their personalities nonetheless.

    1.: Most men are procrastinators.

    Whenever they find a little time which can be used to do some pending work, they irritate the hell out of women by sitting back and postponing that task even further. What do they do when they have nothing to do? No marks for guessing. They do nothing at all!

    2. Bleating about the bush:

    When men do some domestic chore - whether or not they are used to doing it - they magnify the importance of what they have done. Their friends get to know about it. So do the neighbours. Women, do not take it to heart, for every man knows that he cannot match the home management skills of his female counterpart. Perhaps, it is this inferiority complex that makes
    them blabber even if they do something as minor as cleaning the dishes after having a meal.

    3- With you, but somewhere else:

    Men have some 'manly' indulgences: like watching action films, reading blood-soaked Westerns, watching cricket and football matches, stuff like that. When they are into one of these, any effort to make them communicate - sensibly at least - is an exercise in futility. When women try to make them talk, they respond with indifferent oohs and aahs. When that happens, don't you
    worry. Your man is being a man, ladies. A typical man.

    4- Just a glance:

    When women go to the mall, they eye the new goodies and discounts on offer. When men do, they also find time to look at pretty women close by. That is standard stuff. Please don't live with torment because, even if you do, your man won't change.

    Not everything that men do is great and compliment-worthy. But whenever you think that way, ladies, remember that men can say the same thing about you.

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