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pregnancy doubts

Discussions on "pregnancy doubts" in "My Better half" forum.

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    Unhappy pregnancy doubts

    Hi I am madhu I got married by this year February. Its been 3 months but still I didn't get pregnant since I my husband belongs to core village in tamilnadu all his relatives started questioning me. I am so upset by this. We tried for first 2 months but I didn't get pregnant. Since I am a working women I have office till night 9 pm. He is not at all showing any interest in sex and child. Bad thing is we are love married couples so everyone expecting me to get pregnant fast. How can I make my husband show interest in this and also nowadays I too lost the desire. Please advise me to get pregnant sooner

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    Re: pregnancy doubts

    Hi @madhunisha

    Congrats for your new marriage.

    First of all, you should understand few things.

    All the Women will not be able to get pregnant immediately after marriage.

    It may take upto 1 year also to get pregnant.

    Both the couples' body temperature must get mingled and there are many other factors too.

    So, you need not worry till 1 year about the pregnancy.

    If even after 1 year, you are not able to get pregnant , you both may consult the doctor and take necessary steps.

    The next thing is, not only the Village people, but also most of the Indian people will start asking the newly married couple, especially the lady about the pregnancy, right from the 3rd month onwards.

    These talks can never be avoided. No body can help for these talks. Only those people should understand and avoid asking the couple.

    But few people may understand and they would ask only in the initial months. later if the days go, say another 3 or 4 months, they may not ask you further.

    And regarding your query about tackling your husband , what you can do is,

    Whenever time permits, ie., once you return from the office, try to be intimate with him as far as possible.

    While eating, try to be very close to him and at times you can also feed him 1 or 2 spoons of the food.

    While watching the TV, sit very close to him.

    Then and there, grab his hands and tell him often that you love him too much.

    But keep in mind that these things should be natural and not be in a dramatic way.

    Then, You can also ask him/tell him that you should go for the child immediately and try hard for the same, to avoid the talks of the people. Here you should not tell or complain about his relatives' talks. You can generally tell that all the neighbours , relatives (both yours and his), your office friends etc.

    This may motivate him and show atleast a little interest in having the sex.

    When you are able to feel that he is not showing his interest, you can ask him whether he is not well, whether he is under any pressure/ tension in the office etc. For this you can ask as he seems to be little dull and that is why you are asking him. Don't ask him bluntly about his non-interest in sex.

    Normally, Men will not like the woman or wife who shows much interest in sex and comes voluntarily.

    And the most important suggestion is, both of you please take a break and go for a vacation for any romantic place. This will surely change your moods and relieve both of you from the tension.

    Along with this, during every weekend, you can go for any outing to nearby places, say ....staying in any nearby resorts.

    Both of you should be totally relieved from any kind of tension . You should also try to make up your mind just to ignore the talks of anyone who asks about your pregnancy. Though it will be very hard, you just have to smile at them and move away. Just wipe away those talks from your mind.

    All the best.

    The below links (click them) may help you to get moral support by chanting those slokas regularly.

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