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motivate hubby to save money

Discussions on "motivate hubby to save money" in "My Better half" forum.

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    motivate hubby to save money

    my hubby spends much money on treat and giving money to friends and relatives.

    i am not objecting to give to his parents, but giving to brothers and sisters (cousins) i am much worried. if i start this he is getting tension and angry. and ends with big fight.

    how to change this attitude and make him to save money.

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    Re: motivate hubby to save money

    Welcome to Penmai @sumathi vishu

    Yes.....this habit will never allow him to save money for future.

    He should help his parents which is his duty.

    He can help his cousins if they are facing deep financial crisis. Otherwise, it is not at all necessary.

    Once in 6 months or a year, he can give treats or parties.

    What you can do now is,

    Do you have Children?

    If yes, then tell him that you are going to open few Recurring deposits in the bank , mutual fund (SIP - systematic investment plan) etc. immediately. You can start these in the names of your children.

    Even if you are yet to have children, you can start these, in your name.

    Tell him that you want to save money for future.

    You can start investing in MEDICLAIMS, LIC and other insurance policies, which will come in hand when you or your husband falls ill.

    You can also start the RDs in your name, for the welfare of your In-laws. This money may come in hand while they fall ill.

    You can save some little amount for the donation to the poor or temples. You can give this then and there to the necessary people.

    You can save money to buy Plots or Flats. Or you can buy any of these and pay the EMI, this will be a compulsory payment.

    Tell him that no one in this world will come to help in future, and you(he) need not expect from anyone, when he is in financial crisis . These saved money will surely help you whenever he is in need of money.

    And it is also the duty of a wife to look after the future of the family without any hiccups.

    Tell him that he needs to give you the money every month, for all these savings and this should be his priority. Then comes the family needs.After this, he can spend his money as he wishes.

    So, this will make his financial position a little bit tight and he will surely think twice before he spends unnecessarily.

    Stop fighting with him from today onwards, for his attitude.

    Act in the positive way.

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