Karpuravalli a green herbal plant

is a plant that must be grown in homes where there are children. This plant carries the flavour of camphor and hence the name.It is mainly used as to treat coughs and colds, especially in infants.

Medcinal properties

Stimulant, expectorant and diaphoretic.

Juice of fresh leaves is used in urticaria and other allergic conditions;

antibacterial,antitubercular. The oil exhibits antihistaminic property in vitro on smooth muscles of the uterus and the intestines.

It also possesses muscle-relaxant action; bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

The leaves contain glucosides of luteolin and apigenin.


1. A domestic remedy for coughs and cold.

2. Prevents gas formation.

3. Increases absorption of nutrients.

4. Aids in digestion.

5. Helps regulate female menstruation.

6. Helps eliminate toxins from the body, promotes perspiration.

7. Helps promote circulation.

8. Helps regenerate cells and tissues and promotes longevity.

9. Increases the efficiency of a system or organ.