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panam kalkandu benefits

Discussions on "panam kalkandu benefits" in "Nature Cure" forum.

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    panam kalkandu benefits

    Panang kalkandu is a kind of rock sugar made from panam pathaneer (a sweet drink) which is extrated from the flower of palmera tree (panai maram).

    Yes pana kalkandu is good for health..it is used to reduce heat of the body & it has good medicinal value...add it in ur food to enjoy the benefits..

    kalkandu is crystallized sugar, apparently known as rock candy in English. It's generally made by dissolving sugar in warm water until it doesn't dissolve any more, then seeding it with a few crystals and letting it cool. Over the next several hours/days, the stuff will crystallize out of the solution. Panam kalkandu is the same process, except that it is done directly on the sap of a certain type of palm tree, which has a lot of sugar in it. The crystals are much smaller than you might get with cane/beet sugar. Think of it like crystallized natural unrefined sugar.

    Real panam kalkandu is not made from cane sugar--it's palmyra sugar, from the palmyra palm, also called the toddy palm. It's a specialty of districts in southern Tamilnadu like Tirunelveli and I think northern Sri Lanka as well. The candy is brown and tastes quite different from plain old crystallized sugar candy.

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    Re: panam kalkandu benefits

    Thank you for giving us the benefits of Panang kalkandu!



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