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nature cure for head ache

Discussions on "nature cure for head ache" in "Nature Cure" forum.

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    nature cure for head ache

    what is the nature cure for head ache. i am getting migraine frequently.

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    Re: nature cure for head ache

    Hii @lathashekar

    A migraine headache can cause intense throbbing or a pulsing sensation in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea & vomiting.

    Here are some effective Home Remedies For Migraine:

    • Apples are also said to a good remedy. Have a Ripe apple with a Pinch of Salt on an empty Stomach every day in the Morning.
    • The juice of grapes reduces the pain and this is the most popular remedy for sinus headaches. Consume it on a daily basis without adding Water.
    • The paste of handful of basil leaves with 4 clove and one teaspoon of dried ginger gradually relieves the pain.
    • Make a paste of dry ginger with water or milk that releases the sinus headaches.
    • Migraine can be treated effectively with the help of Cabbage leaves.Squash cabbage leaves and place them in a cloth. Place the cloth on your forehead for sometime.
    • In the diet, frequently add peanuts, spinach, butternut squash and lentils to prevent the migraine.
    • Grind lemon peel to form a paste and apply it on the forehead. Let it dry and then rinse off with cool water.
    • Make a Paste of sandalwood powder with a few drops of water. Apply this paste on the forehead and let it dry.

    - See more at: Home Remedies For Migraine | Penmai

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    Re: nature cure for head ache

    Good diet always let you health life away so if you are having a healthy diet you will be away from doctors.



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