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can we use diapers daily

Discussions on "can we use diapers daily" in "Newborn and Infants" forum.

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    can we use diapers daily

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    Re: can we use diapers daily

    Welcome to Penmai friend.

    No dear. it is not advisable to use the diapers which you have mentioned, daily and all the time.

    It is always advisable to use only the clean Cotton clothes as diapers or nappy.

    Because by wearing the diapers daily and all the time, the tender skin will get spoilt and rashes will appear which the tiny new born will not be able to withstand.

    One month old baby will be passing urine very very often . It is common and there is no other go than to change the cotton nappies then and there whenever it is wet. It will surely disturb the child's sleep.

    May be only during the night times, you can wear the diapers for the child.

    But even during this, for this frequent urinating baby, you may need to change the diaper, 2 or 3 times during the night itself. You cannot leave it overnight with the same diaper. This may cause infections if the same is left for longer period.

    There is no other go than to wash the cotton nappies. You can do one thing. You can have plenty of nappies say, some 50 in numbers. so it will get rotated.
    And the child during these months will not have sound sleep. They will have only short naps and will surely get disturbed . So, nothing to worry about this.

    And while travelling, you can use the diapers and remember to change once it is wet after few urinations and single motion.

    So, you can wear the diapers for the baby only during the night time and while travelling. To avoid rashes and other problems, please avoid from wearing the diapers all the time.




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