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what to give for 7 month baby?

Discussions on "what to give for 7 month baby?" in "Newborn and Infants" forum.

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    what to give for 7 month baby?

    i am presently giving cerelac for my baby. can i continue giving this itself or i have to change any other food.

    my inlaw suggests to giv dhal rice. can i start giving now or should i wait for months?

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    Re: what to give for 7 month baby?

    Welcome to Penmai Kalaivaani.

    Yes dear, from the 6th or 7th month itself, you should start giving Dhal, rice etc.

    First give the mashed dhal for some days and later, introduce well mashed rice.

    You can give, cooked, mashed potato,cooked, mashed apple, mashed banana.

    Only cerelac is not enough for the baby.

    Whatever food you introduce, initially, you should give little amount for 1 or 2 days, and later increase the quantity.

    initially don't give all these at a stretch. Introduce one by one.

    You need to give the Ragi koozh also, which is very healthy.

    And sometimes, the baby might experience loose motions due to the change in food items and methods. Don't panic for this. this is normal.

    For much more details, please click the below link, in which you can find lots of tips for your baby's feed.

    Mom!!!!!!!! Please give me healthy foods!!!!!! OK!!!!!!

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