How to Find a Local Nanny

A nanny is one of the most important caregivers a child will have. A nanny guides a child through his or her first years of life. Choosing the right nanny for your child is an important process for parents.


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Decide what hours you need the nanny, what level of experience you're looking for and the type of child care experience that you want your child to have. Make a list of top priorities that you have for your children and family.

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Determine the rate of pay that you want to give to the nanny, as well as what benefits, living arrangements and other perks you can provide. Many nannies make between $300 and $700 per week, depending on the living arrangements. Nannies that live in the home usually earn less salary because room and board are provided.

Find a list of local nanny services in your area. These companies often have lists of qualified nannies with clean background checks, impressive credentials, child education degrees and years of experience. There are also many online websites that list qualified nannies based on area. Most nanny services are free to use. Some nanny services may have a small fee that they charge to families using their service. Check with the nanny service before visiting to determine any possible fees.
Check online databases for reviews of local nannies in your area. Many online nanny reference sources list reviews of particular nannies based on area. Some sites give ratings to nannies listed on their site.
Ask friends and neighbors what nannies or nanny companies they recommend. Friends and neighbors will often have the inside scoop on specific nannies that the nanny companies themselves will not be able to offer.
Perform a thorough background check on all candidates. Even if the nanny agency conducts a criminal background check, you can check for health issues, previous work experiences and other past occurrences that may influence your choice.
Create a list of questions to ask each candidate during the interview process. These questions should include questions about their discipline methods, the daily routine, their preferred diet method for the child, and what they will do during free time.
Create a written agreement between you and the nanny after you choose a candidate. The agreement should include everything that the nanny will do for the job, such as the child's laundry, bathing the child and any other responsibilities that the nanny will have, as well as salary. Have the nanny sign the agreement.

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