'Discipline' Yourself
and You'll Automatically 'Discipline' Your Child!

- A Parenting Article with Positive Discipline Techniques!

I will be straight with you: I have a problem with the word discipline.


Because raising happy, conscious and responsible children has very little to do with teaching discipline rules and everything to do with the concrete way you relate to your kid!

In this positive parenting article of positive discipline techniques I will turn the concept of disciplining your children upside down.

In my view, it's all about being conscious of your own behavior as a parent.


Because you're a mirror to your child - a role model!

Therefore whatever you want your child to learn, don't teach it, do it yourself. Use the mirror effect - it's incredibly powerful!

So, whatever you want from your child: compassion, respect etc. - be those qualities yourself and you'll be surprised about the effect!

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