Respect denotes both a positive feeling of esteem for a person of other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected (e.g., "I have great respect for her judgment"). It can also be conduct in accord with a specific ethic of respect. Rude conduct is usually considered to indicate a lack of respect, disrespect, where as actions that honor somebody or something indicate respect. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Respect is...
Respect is...listening with out interrupting
Respect is...taking your partner's feelings into consideration
Respect is...keeping an open mind
Respect is...agreeing to disagree
Respect is...trying to understand your partner's viewpoint
Respect is...loving yourself
Respect and honesty
Respect each other space
Respect is...nonviolence
Respect communication
Respect is...building a person up instead of tearing them down
Respect is...friendship
Respect is…not pressuring the other person

Respect means to acknowledge someone with value.