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children and spirituality

Discussions on "children and spirituality" in "Parents" forum.

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    children and spirituality

    children and spirituality

    Every child has a spiritual life already. This is because every child is born into the field of infinite creativity and pure awareness that is spirit.

    Spirit must be cultivated; it must be nourished and encouraged.

    A child raised with spiritual skills will be able to answer the most basic questions about how the universe works; he or she will understand the source of creativity both within and outside of us;

    he or she will be able to practice nonjudgment, acceptance, and truth, which will be free from fear and anxiety about the meaning of life.

    Real spiritual growth changes a person in a paradoxical way, bringing both understanding and preserving innocence. Deeper than love, the one thing you canít do without is innocence. Innocence is the source of love. It is openness.

    spiritual upbring ways

    1. Everything is possible. We all have the gift of creating absolutely anything. Thereís no limit to what we can do or be.

    2 If you want to get something, give it. Always give with a happy heart. The greatest gift is feeling good.

    3. When you make a choice, you change the future . Your choices bring about changes. To make good choices, follow your heart.

    4. Donít say noógo with the flow. Create peace within by learning acceptance of what is outside our control.

    5. Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed. Making your wish is like planting a seed and believing that it will grow. Let nature do the rest.

    6. Be open to life and enjoy the journey. New ways and new ideas can lead to more happiness.

    7. You are here for a reason. Your dharma is your purpose, path, or vision, the unique talent that you are here on Earth to share. Your dharma is your happiness.

    As parents, we are not teaching our children hard-and-fast rules that must be heeded. We are inviting them into our own journey, into our sense of purpose, which never ends. It is a journey of ever-expanding meaning

    Ref Deepak chopra


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    Re: children and spirituality

    Each and every statement has life within it... Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thoughts!!!

    with regards,
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