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Mother's freedom

Discussions on "Mother's freedom" in "Parents" forum.

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    Mother's freedom

    Women has many restriction in the world. Be it be parent home or husband the rules and regulation should be strictly followed only by her.

    A man doesn’t know to make money its not a big deal but if a women doesn’t know to cook then there will be 3rd world war .

    A man has right to take decision without counsulting women but a women cannot

    A man has right to get anger but women doesn’t

    A man can commit mistake but women cannot.even if he commits a mistake the world will support him but for a women it will not.

    A man has right to order women but a women cannot if she does she is not a women

    A man can hit a women its his right but a women should not raise her hand against him.

    A man will not do a thing if he is not interested be it work,marriage or anything but a women cannot

    A man has right to speak ill of anybody and he is right but if a women does it its a big crime

    A man gets maturity (its believed) when he passes 10th std but it has been said that women never get maturity until her death

    A man can ask money,dowry to a women but a women shouldn’t ask money even for household.

    A man can discuss his family problem with anybody he like he maybe colleague, with in-laws, friends and so on. But a women should never open her mouth.

    A man can stay his mom house without his wife for years but a women has short deadline of only 4 days if she stays beyond 4 days then she will be assassinated through words by her parents and the society.

    The women here referred is none other than a MOTHER who cannot stand against her family and society for the sake of her child because her parent will not accept her,society will question her character,law and order will give certain time limit for her to stay with her child, even the child will ask about his/ her father.

    Being a single mother is easier nowadays but only a few take that step bravely and Their family support them but not every women get that type of family and support.

    But the remaining bury their dignity,selfrespect, aim, love, confidence, anger, right to speak very deep inside her heart and She works 24/7 for 365 days showing her smiling face.

    For such a mother what all remains is.

    You does nothing than sleeping by husband.

    Your wife doesn’t take care of you and the house by mother-in –law.

    Your wife grabbed all your income by father-in-law.

    You know nothing about the life by her father.

    You have to adjust its your mistake by her mother.

    You don’t respect us by her in-laws.

    You have changed by her friends.

    You know she shows attitude by her neighbour.

    You are just a house-wife by working moms

    She can tolerate all the above but do you know what
    she can’t

    You know nothing mom i will ask dad he know everything by her child.

    Let salute these mothers and they can be your mother or your friend’s mother.even may be your sister,friend ,neighbour anybody even may be you so let us wish them from our bottom of our heart
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and make them feel special..

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    Re: Mother's freedom

    Wonderful Post Sindhu..

    Happy Mother's Day! And Convey My Wishes to your Mom Cheers!!



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