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Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

Discussions on "Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy" in "Preggers Health & Nutrition" forum.

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    Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

    1. Aloe Vera : It may cause miscarriage and birth defects. Among long-term complications are potassium deficiency, heart problems and muscle weakness.
    2. Clove : This may cause liver complications and blood clotting.
    3. Jasmine: This may cause contractions, miscarriage or premature labour.
    4. Cinnamon : It may lead to liver toxicity.
    5. Anise/Aniseed: This may cause skin irritation.
    6. Garlic: It may lead to complications such as uterine contractions and miscarriage.
    7. Lady's Mantle: It may cause liver toxicity with large doses.
    8. Squaw Vine : This cause uterine stimulation, miscarriage or early labour during pregnancy.
    9. Alder Buckthorn : It may cause cramp-like discomfort and nausea.
    10. Barberry : It may cause strong contractions, low blood sugar and foetal distress.
    11. Arbor Vitae : This may cause complications such as vomiting, seizures, diarrhoea, asthma and miscarriage
    12. Bitter Orange: may cause heart irregularities and stroke.
    13. Beth Root: referred to as stomach irritant, it may cause miscarriage or intense labour.
    14. Pennyroyal: herb’s toxicity may hamper liver and kidneys. It may lead to bloody vomiting, alleviated blood pressure and blood clotting disorders.
    15. Oregano : may cause uterine stimulation, leading to miscarriage.


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    Re: Herbs to Avoid during Pregnancy

    Dear Parasakthi, good caution you have given to the pregnant ladies through your thread. these herbs really a cause for concern for them. thanks

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