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Toilet Training Your Child

Discussions on "Toilet Training Your Child" in "Preschooler" forum.

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    Re: how to teach baby to urinate

    Welcome to Penmai....Kavitha

    First of all, please do not use diapers for your child, since she is already 2 1/2 years old.

    By using diapers, she will never have control over urination and motion.

    Next, from the age of 1 1/2 years itself, we need to practice them to inform us, when they tend to urinate.

    Now, let me suggest you some methods.

    You may take your daughter to the Rest room, once in 2 hours , since you are living in a hot place like chennai.If the child is around 1 1/2 years, you may take the child , once in an hour.

    Now, you should urge her to pass urine. She would have started talking by now, and would be able to communicate very well.

    So, you may tell her, that, whenever, she feels like urinating, she needs to inform you and you may take her immediately to the Rest room. Explain her, that , since she is growing into a big girl, she should not pass urine or motion elsewhere, other than the rest room.

    After 1 week, you may tell her to go to the rest room, by herself, even without informing you.

    Once when you practice her to pass urine, every two hours or so, she will get used to the rest room and pass urine.

    When it comes to motion, you may again ask her to inform you.

    You may also explain her, that, when she starts going to school, she has to inform the teacher before using the rest room.

    During the night times, you need to take her to the restroom in the middle of the night, till her age of 10 years. You may ask her to pass urine, before going to sleep.

    Hope , these will help you.

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    Re: how to teach baby to urinate

    Dear Kavitha, I understand your problem.

    I would like to narrate the way in which I have overcome the same problem with my daughter when she was around 2 1/2 years old.

    I just started my daughter first be familiar with the pot.

    I showed the usual normal adult pot and explained what it is and why it should be used.

    I took her for shopping and allowed here to choose her own pot.
    I always associated something with her sitting on the pot.

    For example, I used to make the 'sssss' sound for as long as she is sitting.

    I had even bought small picture books which she can read only when she's sitting on the pot.

    I had even introduced a reward system.

    I Filled a bag with small plastic toys, stickers etc.

    Every time she uses the pot successfully, she can put her hand into the bag to pull out one toy.

    I had given her a piggy bank, and put in a coin for her achievement.

    Sometimes I used simpler rewards like either a big hug or a clap, and it worked well too.

    You will agree with me that Kids love to see and imitate.

    So I sat with my baby in the big toilet and ask her to use her own smaller one.

    I even kept the bathroom door closed to teach her about privacy.

    I did this every time when I go into the bathroom.

    As she watches me, she had learnt. Itís quicker and it had made her realize that this was normal.

    Also, after she had finished,I made her dump it into the big toilet. It had given her a sense of responsibility.

    I also allowed her to watch, as I rinse out her pot. I explained her that it was similar to flushing the big toilet.

    It is best to try and get her into a routine.

    We can set an alarm clock too,

    Every time the alarm rings, I used to tell her to go and sit on the pot.

    I explained her that even if she does not pee, she has to sit there for a few minutes.

    This made her habituated to a daily schedule.

    Soon I found her doing it herself, even without my telling her so.

    Also, a toddler usually passes stool or pisses urine at approximately the same time every day. Hence I reminded her gently to go and sit on her pot at that time every day.

    I increased the intake of fibrous food and fruits, as during the initial days, because of nervousness, they often fail to pass the stool.

    Because I made her to Eat a lot fibre, it has made the work easier for her.

    When I began training, I made her stop wearing diapers.

    During night times, I used to avoid giving watery food or water so that bed wetting during night time is avoided. I used to wake her up during the night sleep and made her to go for pissing.

    Diapers soak well, and so babies don't understand when they have to open it and go to the toilet.

    Instead I made them to wear only cloth nappies, or just panties. This way, the first few times when she pee in the nappy or panty she had felt wet and uncomfortable.

    So from next time she had opened it and went to the toilet instead.

    Also,I made her wear simple clothes which she can open herself quickly helps. For this, instead of using complicated buttoned or zipper pants, I used simple elastic pant or shorts.

    Finally, I always kept in my mind that during the training period accidents are bound to happen. I did not shown my anger or stress if it does. I used to say, ĎItís alright, don't worry, but don't do it againí. This helped me much more.

    I think the above methods may help you to solve the problem of yours. all the best. thank you

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    Re: Toilet Training Your Child

    thanks for sharing. very useful.

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    Re: Toilet Training Your Child

    Thanks for all the tips here.

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    Re: Toilet Training Your Child

    super tips..i definitely needed it..thanks sisters

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    Re: Toilet Training Your Child

    Thanks for very informative article...



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