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what to teach 2 year old boy

Discussions on "what to teach 2 year old boy" in "Preschooler" forum.

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    what to teach 2 year old boy

    my son is now 2 year old. i am teaching abcd and 1234.

    but he is not at all saying colors correctly. how to teach colors to him?

    what other things i can teach him at this age?

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    Re: what to teach 2 year old boy

    Hi sudha...

    Y this kolaveri?????

    see he is only two years.....always try to teach him in a fun and play method.don't force him to study..this is not the age.....in this age he love to play only.....whenever u change his dress,at that time u teach him colors....(2day u r going to wear blue colr dress like that...),then teach ABCD in form of music.....if u r using color clips to dry clothes,then u can use that too ,to tech the colors,no's.....try to teach him rhymes in the form of music...again i tell u the same thing,don't force him.................hope this will be helpful for u...........

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    Re: what to teach 2 year old boy

    Hi Sudha,

    You can teach the names of the fruits, vegetables, vehicles apart from alphabets and numbers.

    Regarding colors, please follow the ideas given by Durga.

    Till this is quite enough to be taught at home, before going to school.

    The main thing which is to be taught to the toddler is their name, parents' name and the area in which you live.

    Before joining her in the school, you can encourage him, that he could meet new friends and play and learn a lot, which he would enjoy. This is to make him like the school and not cry while going to school. Even if he is crying, this will last only for a week or so.

    All the rest could be learned by him from the school itself.

    Apart from learning from school, the basic things to be taught in a child's life are given by me, in the below thread. If you are interested, you can go through them.

    Parenting Tips - Jeyanthi

    One more important thing is, you should not force anything to be learnt. Only through playful methods and practical methods, you need to teach everything. Otherwise, he will get bored and will stay away from learning new things.

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