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9 Signs You Might Be Depressed

Discussions on "9 Signs You Might Be Depressed" in "Psychological Problems" forum.

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    9 Signs You Might Be Depressed

    9 Signs You Might Be Depressed-images-2-.jpg

    1. Depressed Mood / Inescapable Sadness :
    Depression may be indicated when a person feels extremely sad most of the time, nearly every day during at least a 2 week period. A depressed mood may be observed by others or expressed by the individual. In children and teens, depression also may present as an irritability.

    2. Diminished Interest in Activities :

    Strong feelings of apathy or an inability to experience pleasure in most previously-enjoyed activities, along with a depressed or irritable mood can indicate depression. In a person who is depressed, these feelings are present most days during at least a two-week period.

    3. Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain
    Significant (more than 5 percent of body weight in a month) unintentional weight loss or gain, or decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day may be a sign of depression. Children who are depressed may fail to make expected growth-related weight gains.

    4. Insomnia or
    Extreme Sleepiness :
    A person who is depressed may have difficulty falling asleep or may wake frequently during the night. Excessive sleepiness nearly every day for at least 2 weeks also may be a sign of depression.

    5. Psychomotor Symptoms :

    These signs of depression are characterized by unintentional and purposeless motions, like pacing, hand-wringing or hair-twirling, or by a noticeable slowing of the thought process, emotional reactions or movement. Psychomotor agitation and psychomotor retardation observed by others nearly every day for at least 2 weeks may indicate depression.

    6. Fatigue
    Unexplained feelings of fatigue or a lack of energy nearly every day for a period of at least 2 weeks can be a sign of depression. Depression-related fatigue is not associated with another cause, such as an increase in physical activity or another medical condition.

    7. Feelings of Guilt
    or Worthlessness :
    Excessive or inappropriate guilt or strong feelings of inadequacy can signal depression. In a person who is depressed, these feelings occur nearly every day and can be extreme enough to be delusional. Guilt is not merely self-reproach or related to being sick.

    8. Diminished Ability
    to Concentrate :
    A sharp decrease in focus or concentration can be a sign of depression. People who are depressed often notice an inability to think clearly. In some cases, a lack of focus is observed by others, such as family members, friend or co-workers.

    9. Suicidal Ideation :
    About 60 percent of people who are depressed have recurring thoughts of death and roughly 15 percent commit suicide. A person suffering from depression may have frequent thoughts of suicide, develop a plan for committing suicide, or attempt suicide.

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    Re: 9 Signs You Might Be Depressed

    Why do people wait to get in to these symptoms, instead of working out a solution for their probs!

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