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Asthma inhalers stunt kids' growth

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    Asthma inhalers stunt kids' growth

    Asthma inhalers stunt kids' growth

    Washington: Children who take inhaled steroid drugs for asthma end up being slightly shorter as adults than those not using the medication, a new study has found.
    Researchers found that, on average, children using steroids for asthma were half an inch shorter than their peers. It is the first major study to follow children with asthma into adulthood for height checks.

    The study involved more than 1,000 children aged between 5-12 years, who were treated for mild to moderate asthma. They were divided into three groups: one received twice-daily budesonide , an inhaled corticosteroid medication; a second group received nedocromil, an inhaled non-steroid medication ; and a third group received a placebo.

    The mean adult height was about 1.2cm, shorter in the group that received budesonide than in the placebo group. The patients who experienced the slower growth were primarily between 5-11 years old when they began using budesonide.

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