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Child safety and you

Discussions on "Child safety and you" in "Schooler" forum.

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    Child safety and you

    Child safety and you

    Bangalore has risen in protest over the alleged rape of a 6-year-old child at a school. Petitions are being filed and protests organized in an effort to make the government act. But this is going to be a long drawn process. So, what do you do in the meantime? Waiting and watching is simply not an option. Each one of us has to do one's bit to ensure our children are safe.

    Here are some steps you can take immediately:

    * Collect a set of parents (of children who go to the same school as your child) and ask for a meeting with the principal. Go to the meeting with measures you think the school has to implement. Make it clear to the management that no compromise will be allowed on this matter.

    * Get the residents' association of your housing society to review and beef up safety measures. All security, maintenance and support staff must be recruited only after a thorough background check. People should not be allowed into your building without proper identification.

    * Closer home, be very cautious. Hire domestic help with great care and be watchful always.

    Educate your children about a good touch' and a bad touch'. Tell them not to go with or accept anything from a stranger.

    Every day, when your children come home, ask them what happened at school. Make this a searching conversation, in which you keep your eyes open for tell-tale signs of discomfort and misery.

    * If you hear of any incident where a child has been molested, speak up immediately. Remember that by raising your voice immediately, you can prevent a ghastly incident from happening to some other child.

    While the axiom goes that child is the father of man, know that in this case, a child is simply a child. You are its father and mother. It is time to step up and act.

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    Re: Child safety and you

    Very important information you have provided about Child safety! thank you!



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