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CBSE, ICSE or Matric Board

Discussions on "CBSE, ICSE or Matric Board" in "Schooler" forum.

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    CBSE, ICSE or Matric Board

    my son is now 2.5 years old. we are going to put him pre kg this year. my sil is telling that ICSE is best board for education!. but we thought to put him in cbse. my parents are telling dont waste money in this age itself. put him in matric board.

    i am totally confused where to put him? CBSE, ICSE or Matric board.

    what is the difference between CBSE, ICSE or Matric board?

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    Re: CBSE, ICSE or Matric Board

    Hii @sharanku

    Welcome to Penmai.com! Lemme give you Some details..

    CBSE has less Syllabus Portions as comp to ICSE. Students may find ICSE syllabus vast as ICSE have more syllabus and subjects.

    Sixth grade ICSE student will face 12-13 subject examinations while CBSE student will face on 5-6 subject examinations.

    Compare to CBSE, ICSE is more towards giving practical knowledge to the students. They taught their syllabus theoretical a well as practical. This gives students effective understanding of subject and learn better analytical skills.

    The marking System in CBSE does not give priority to writing lengthy answers. Its based on to the point answers and extremely relevant answers. But Its syllabus in general is very vast. So it takes long to study and prepare for the exams. Thus The CBSE exams are considered very tough.

    On the Other hand, In ICSE there is a balance between objective & subjective questions. More Over it Gives More Importance to projects. They form the basis of marking System in the performance of the student. This makes the student extremely active and it improves his thinking ability.

    Cmp, both have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of the examinations conducted. Yup Choice is Yours! TC

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