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Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Discussions on "Beauty Tips for Oily Skin" in "Skin Care" forum.

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    Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

    A Beauty is one of the most important factors which affect your personality and confidence. You can get fair skin without going to beauty parlours. Here are some natural beauty tips for oily skin:

    Prepare mixture of lemon, egg white and grapes. Apply this paste gently and wash with warm water after 15-20 minutes. Lemon is a natural cleanser, egg whites will make tighter and grapes soften the skin.

    1. Cut apple's thin slices and rub it on affected area, wash with warm water after 10 min. It helps in controlling oily shine.

    2. Prepare mixture of oatmeal and egg white, apply this paste on oily skin and wash after 20 min. your skin will become fresh.

    3. Prepare mixture of cucumber water (grind cucumber pieces) 50ml, one teaspoon lemon juice and rose water. Apply this mixture on oily skin area, wash after one hour. It is very effective for oily skin.

    4. Take one glass of raw milk and squeeze two tablespoon of lemon.

    5. Apply this on oily area of body, wash with lukewarm water after 10 min. it is helpful for skin glowing and soft.

    6. When you go outside the house, make sure to use sunscreen on your face as well as the other exposed body parts.

    7. Wash your face at least twice in a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. This will help remove the excess oil from your skin.

    8. Prepare puree of tomatoes and apply on oily skin, wash with warm water after 15 min.

    9. Prepare pulp of raw papaya and apply on skin, papaya is a good cleansing agent.

    10. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water in a day. Water help to flush out toxins from the body.

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    Re: Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

    Essentials Revitalising Face Cream is good for you as it soaks the extra oil out of your skin and makes it supple and soft.

    Essentials Revitalising Face Cream

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