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Skin Care Before Bed

Discussions on "Skin Care Before Bed" in "Skin Care" forum.

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    Skin Care Before Bed

    Sleep is a restorative and regenerative process. It is the only time at night that all our body muscles are put to rest. Do your skin a great favour by attending to a proper skin care process. If you want a thoroughly clean and revitalized skin at the time you wake up, you must take to a regular skin care regimen before you go to sleep. Only a good nights sleep isn't good enough for a healthy skin. Here are a few methods to attend to your skin before you hit the bed.

    Cleanse- If you want to get good skin, it is very important to take off the makeup after a day's work. All makeup cosmetics contain chemicals and it is not at all a healthy practice to sleep on with it. Get a good oil free cleanser and cleanse your face and neck properly with it. This is one of those basic skincare methods that you should follow regularly before you go to bed.

    Wash- Wash off your face with a soap-free face wash and make it a part of daily skin care regime. Massage the face wash gently on your skin for 1-2 minutes. Do not allow it to stay for long or else you will end up losing all the moisture from skin. This will open up all the skin pores and cleanse your facial skin from within.
    Hydrate- You need to hydrate your face properly. Take some cream and a few drops of water in your hand. Mix them well and massage your face with it. This cream massage will moisturize all your facial skin cells and keeps it hydrated all through the night.

    Drink Water- Only external skin care treatments will do you no good if you do not eat or drink healthy. Most of the times, you have a dry skin or get acne due to improper bowel movement. So drink at least 1-2 glasses of water everyday before bed. This will flush off all harmful toxins out of the body and will keep it healthy from within. If you want to get good skin, then drink water before you go to bed at night.

    Check Your Bed- Many a times you develop skin rashes or infections due to some dirt or germs in the pillow or bed cover. So, it's very important to change the pillow or bed cover after a few alternative days. Instead of the traditional ones switch to silk or satin pillow and bed covers. This is so because, the fabric is soft and gentle. So, it will not put any extra stress on your skin.

    Follow all of them regularly and wake up each morning to say 'good morning' to a healthy and beautiful skin.

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    Re: Skin Care Before Bed

    After nearly 2 years this thread gets a response.

    Thanks for the share



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