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Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

Discussions on "Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!" in "Special Contest" forum.

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc_0745.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc_0682.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc_0687-001.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc_0758.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc_0703.jpg

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Actually we made paper dolls with used invitation cards. this includes dasavatharam, and 35 paper dolls. the furniture sets are made with waste plastics which comes as a packing corner for tiles. so everything is made out of waste/used products. - Aarthi Anirath

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Sabash Sripura.... Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-smileys-applause-801735.gif

    Quote Originally Posted by sripura View Post
    Hello All,

    Inspired by the sloka :
    "patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati
    tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami pryatatmanah" from The Bhagawad Gita (chapter 9: verse 26), we decided make this as our theme. Inner
    meaning is that"Devotion alone matters and not what we offer”.

    A part of this verse is the theme we have chosen i.e. " Patram (Leaf), Pushpam (Flower), Phalam (Fruit) and Thoyam (Water)". An informative arrangement for the same is shown.

    Apart from 11 padikattu traditional golu that begins with small lifeforms upto the Trinity of God and Goddess we have shown:

    • 108+ Ganeshas (nearly 130) wherin the importance of Dhruva Grass and Wood Apple is narrated.
    • We have then highlighted the importance of the Sacred Hindu Trees (Ahoka,Neem,Tulsi,Peepal,Banyan,Red Sandalwood,Vilva,Coconut,Bamboo,Banana, Mango,Bhang), its medicinal values if any and how mother nature teaches us valuable lessons of life through a coconut tree, banana tree, red sandalwood tree and loutus.
    • Apart from Hinduism the imprtance of leaf/flowers/fruit and water in other religions is also shown.
    • The association of the four these 4 vastus (Patram, Pushpam Phalam and Thoyam) with humans - right from birth to death.

      The main concept is further explained with stories from hindu mythology:
    • Patram (Leaf): Story of Draupadi (akshaya patram), Thulabaram and Story of Vyagrapadhar
    • Pushpam (Flower): Gajendra Moksham, Story of Swami Raghavendra and Nawab of Adoni, Bheema's -Krishnaarpanam
    • Phalam (Fruit): Story of Shabari, Karaikal Ammaiyar - Mambhazha Thiruvizha, Avvaiyar's Sutta Phazham- Sudadha Phazham
    • Thoyam (Water): King Rantideva's Story, Bheesmar and Gangai, Karnan last breath and last but never the least...The 3 Lokam's (Brahma Lokam,Vaikuntam and Kailasam) association with water.
    • Adding to all these is a beautiful hand made garden fountain to show the importance of water in feng-shui.

    Navarathri is indeed a joyous occasion and time for celebration. All of us in our house enjoy this season of festivity. It was a complete team effort that helped us display many things. Most importantly we have avoided the use of thermocol and also avoided plastics that cannot be recycled. So its eco friendly too . All the art work done is purely original for example gajendra moksham is not a "set" but an assembly of various dolls to fit the purpose of the story. The balance in thulabaram, the hut in Draupadi's and Sabari's story, the arrow bed for Bheeshmar, the silver mountains in Kailasam, 7doors of vaikuntam that leads to Sri Maha Vishnu who is afloat on water,etc are a few examples to show the craft work done by us.
    An explanation for every minute detail is given to all interested visitors.

    Srimathi Sethuraman

    Attachment 70140

    Attachment 70141

    Attachment 70142

    Attachment 70143

    Attachment 70144

    பழகிப் பார் பாசம் தெரியும்.
    பகைத்து பார் வீரம் தெரியும்.

    Get in Close with Me to know my Affection!
    Get in Fight with me to know my Braveness!

    விசு @ Visu.,
    PENMAI’s Supreme Ruler's of Penmai – II – 22-4-17 to still Date
    PENMAI’s Ex Young Golden Ruler – II – 30-7-15 to 22-4-17 (631days)
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    PENMAI’s Ex Young Minister - 22-11-12 to 5-1-13 (45days)
    PENMAI’s Ex Young Commander - 6-11-12 to 22-11-12 (17days)
    PENMAI’s Ex Young Friend – 19-9-12 to 6-11-12 (49days)

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Navaratri 2012 by Vidhya Arun

    Theme is Little India

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-314139_477100695654199_2022919057_n.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-20121025_203142.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-20121025_203138.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-park-view.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-park.jpg

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dscn2732.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dscn2736.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dscn2758.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dscn2763.jpg

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dscn2768.jpg


    The main golu has 5 steps with all the dolls of almighty LORD VISHNU,TIRUPATHI BRAHMOTSAVAM,the eight beautiful ASHTA LAKSHMIS and the 12 devotional AZHWARS, followed with RANGOLI, FLOWER KOLAM and MAVILAI THORINAM.
    The SIDE GOLU has assorted sets depicting the story of RAMA and various VAISHNAVITE SHRINES. A eyecatching display of THANGA VIMANAM of LORD BALAJI.
    "THE LIFE HISTORY OF KRISHNA" - is the special attraction this year, decorated with lights and flowers.A small
    park completes it.

    Usha K

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Dear Friends.. All yoour golu's are so nice and beautiful...

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    superb decoration of golu.. you all inspired me..for golu in my house.

    Universal Rule Never Change!
    What you send out, comes back.
    What you sow, you reap.
    What you give, you get.

    Bagavad Gita Discussion Group| Must Read Motivational Books!

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Happy Navarathri to everyone!

    Visit our Ganesha-Themed Golu to know more about our most favorite deity Ganesha.

    It was an interesting experience researching about Ganesha for e.g. kuttu, thoppukaranam thulasi stories were new to me), collecting ideas about various crafts (art using coffee decoction, quilling, embossing), making them and explaining to all our visitors.

    Special thanks to my husband who encouraged and supported me by taking care of three small kids (5 yr old boy and 1.5 yr old twin girls) while I devoted time to do this.

    • Traditional 5-Step Golu with exclusive Ganesha collection is the 5th step
    • Each step has a Ganesha in the center in a different material
    1. Paper Mache
    2. Enamel
    3. Glass
    4. Brass
    5. Wood
    • Navadhanya (9 pulses) Pillaiyar Kolam
    • Brass lamps dressed as Shakthi and Sivan
    • Ganesha Yantra (Self hand crafted)
    • Ganesha Symbolism (Self hand craftedf with Manjadi Kuru i.e. the beads we use for Ganesha’s eyes)
    • Ganesha Sloga Description (Mooshika Vahana)
    • 13 different stories of Ganesha (with self hand crafted Ganeshas)

    1. Birth of Ganesha
    2. Cursing the Moon
    3. Losing Tusk
    4. Writing Mahabharatha
    5. Assisting Murugar win Valli
    6. Malai Kotti and Sri Ranganathar
    7. Origin of Kaveri from Agasthiyar's Kamandalam
    8. Cursing and Blessing Thulasi
    9. Fruit of Knowledge
    10. Blessing Avvaiyar by transforming her from an young girl to an aged woman
    11. Kuttu Story
    12. Thoppukaranam Story
    13. Killing Kubera's pride

    • 9 self hand crafted Ganeshas made exclusively for this golu

    1. Om Coffee Om - Made of Coffee Decotion and Glitter Glue
    2. Glitter Gajanana - Made of glitter glue in different colors
    3. CD Vinayaka - Made of cut CDs and chamki
    4. Beaded Bal Ganesha - Made of Kundan Stones, Beads and Pearls
    5. Thermocol Tridhatri - Made of colored thermocol balls
    6. Embossed Ekadanta on Velvet Cloth
    7. Leafy Lambodara - Made of Plastic Leaves and Stones
    8. Swasthik Sumukha - Made of stones with Ganesha Pancharathnam and Ganesha slogas written inside
    9. Quilled Vakratunda - Made with paper strips

    • Lightning McQueen Race Track made of thermocol for my 5 yr old son who is crazy about cars
    • Thamboolam included Elephant Nethi Pattam with Ganesha on one side and Guruvayurappan on the other
    • Older kids were gifted “Stories about Ganesha” book while the younger ones were thrilled about “Copy to Color” Ganesha book

    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-1.-front-view.jpg
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-2.-stories-ganesha.jpgSpecial Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-3.-stories-ganesha2.jpgSpecial Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-5.-sloga-kolam-yantra-symbolism.jpgSpecial Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-4.-handcrafted-ganeshas.jpg

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    Re: Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!

    Pictures of hand made race track

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-6.-lightning-mcqueen-race-track.jpg   Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-7.-lightning-mcqueen-race-track-front-view.jpg  

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    Talking Bhava Rasa Malika kolu by Kumari Gollapudi & Suneeta Gollapudi

    Bhava Rasa Malika.

    ‘Rasagna, rasa sevathihi’ are two among the thousand names of Sri Maha Tripura Sundari. This year
    our ‘bommallu’-‘kolu’ celebrates Her manifestations of several rasas though she is the attribute
    less pure Consciousness-‘nirvisesha chaitanya roopini’.

    1Bhayanakam - When the demonic father Hiranyakasipu, challenged his young son as to where he
    can find his sworn enemy Sri Hari, the true devotee that he was, child Prahladha pointed out that
    his Lord can be found everywhere. In his rage Hiranya broke the pillar close by, and out came the
    Lord as Narasimha to validate the words of his devotee.

    2)Bipatsam- The cursed Shakuny with his evil tricks wins at the game of dice and Yudishtira had
    waged everything including his wife Draupadi at it. The wicked Dusshasana, prompted by Duryodana
    tries to strip Draupadi in the open court. Her five husbands watch mutely and it’s her Lord who
    comes to relieve her from a hateful injustice.

    3) Adbutam- In order to redeem the souls of his ancestors, who were reduced to ashes by a curse,
    Bhageeratha does very hard penance and the mighty river Ganga descends from the heavens. Who
    else but the Lord Shankara can hold her in His matted locks? An amazing story indeed.

    4)Shokam – He is the only hope and sustenance for the blind, aged parents. But, alas, Shravana
    Kumar is shot down by the arrow from the bow of King Dasaratha. The king mistook the sounds of
    gathering of water by Shravankumar, to be that of an elephant at the river. The misact is the seed
    for similar sadness later in King Dasaratha’s life.

    5) Vatsalyam- ‘Will He remember me’? was the question in Sudhama’s mind as he went to meet his
    childhood friend who is the King of Dwaraka. The love and affection that the Lord Krishna showers
    on him, makes him ashamed for under estimating his friend’s endless generosity.

    6)Hasyam- He wanted to live forever. He did penance and while asking for this boon his tongue
    tripped and instead he asked for sleeping forever. The problem was, how to wake him up? When his
    brother Ravana faced a formidable enemy, Kumbakarna had to be awakened from his awe-inspiring

    7)Sringaram- The rushis of the forest Dandakaranyam enamored by the handsome Srirama, desired
    a hug from Him. He said that having plighted his troth to His wife Seetha, He could fulfil their desire
    in His next avatara as Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna sang, and played and danced with 16000 gopikas ( who
    were the rishis reborn) on the banks of Yamuna on a moonlit night.

    8) Bhakthi- Devotion can be from anyone on anyone; from the servant on the master; from the
    lover on the beloved; from the ward on the parents. But the best is from a student on his teacher.
    Ekalavya was ready to surrender his mastery at his guru Drona’s feet on his demand.

    9) Karunyam- It is not the magnitude of service rendered that draws the attention of the Lord. It is
    the sincerity of heart and the enthusiasm that matter when the humble squirrel dipped its tail in
    water to smear sand over it, to deposit on the bridge being built across the ocean to Lanka. Sri Rama
    with characteristic compassion caresses the squirrel and endows it with three permanent stripes on
    its back.

    10)Veeram- The scheming Kauravas lead away Arjuna who alone is capable of breaking the military
    formation Chakravyuha. But, Abhimanyu, his fearless son who knows how to get into the formation
    but not get out, bravely volunteers to do so for the Pandava’s army even if it means laying down his

    11)Roudram- Goddess Parvathi could not bear the insult her husband , Lord Shiva receives from
    her father Daksha. She curses him and commits sati. The compassionate Lord unable to accept the
    separation from His better half, in His uncontrollable anger,sends Veerabhadra who destroys Daksha
    and scatters away the gathering who dared to defy the Lord.

    12) Shantham- The emotion that engulfs all others finally. Depicted by Gauthama Buddha attaining
    enlightenment under the ‘Bodhi’ tree. And by Mahatma Gandhi who believed that a true devotee of
    the Lord is the who understands the problems of others- ‘Vaishanv janato tenere kahiye je, peedu
    paraayi jaanere’ as Narsi Mehtha had sung.

    An also, we have added a park and a stadium.
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc04123.jpg
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc04184.jpg
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-dsc04232.jpg
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-img_0293.jpg
    Special Contest - Navarathri Golu Contest!!!-img_0321.jpg


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