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Trying to conceive

Discussions on "Trying to conceive" in "Trying to Conceive" forum.

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    Re: Trying to conceive

    Methi Seed Extract Can Sort Out All Your Menstrual Woes!

    A clinical study conducted on 50 women in the age group of 18-45 years showed significant results in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome with the use of Fenugreek seed extract (Furocyst).The average BMI of the study population was 23.88 and had adequate hepatic, renal and hematological functions. At the time of enrollment, most of the patients had prolonged menstrual cycle (81%) and a few had irregular cycle (10%). Rest of the patients (10%) had primary infertility.
    Effect on the pregnancy

    A significant 12% the study population got pregnant. Three pregnancies were observed after 30 days, one each after 70 days, 84 days and 39 days of the treatment.
    Effect on the ovary volume

    As compared to baseline data, subjects showed significant reduction in ovary volume at the end of the study. Left ovary volume was decreased by 17.82% and right ovary volume was decreased by 28.25%.
    Effect on the cysts

    Enrolled subjects showed reduction in cyst size. Out of total 50 subjects, 46% of the subjects showed reduced cyst size and 36% of the subjects showed complete dissolution of the cysts at the end of the study. A total of 6 patients got pregnant during the study. The overall percentage of the study population responding positively to fenugreek seed extract comes out to be 94 %.

    Effect on the menstrual cycle

    There was significant improvement in menstrual cycle with consumption of the fenugreek seed extract. On completion of the last visit, 71% of patient had regular cycles, 19% patient reported prolonged cycle and approximately 10% reported primary infertility. None of the patient reported irregular cycle at the end of the fenugreek seed extract (Furocyst) dosing schedule.
    Effect on Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Haemoglobin (Hb)

    A significant increase in follicular stimulating hormone levels was observed after 8 weeks as compared to baseline value. A significant increase in Hb levels was also observed on completion of the fenugreek dosing schedule as compared to baseline value.
    Results of the clinical study

    1. Fenugreek seed extract (Furocyst) caused significant reduction in ovary volume.
    2. 46% of the study population showed reduction in the cyst size.
    3. 36% of the study population showed complete dissolution of the cysts.
    4. 12% of the patients got pregnant.
    5. 71% of the patients reported regular menstrual cycle on completion of the treatment.
    6. Overall 94% of the patients reported positively or benefited from the fenugreek extract dosing.
    *Card image courtesy: Shutterstock

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    Re: Trying to conceive

    thanks for sharing information


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    Re: Trying to conceive

    My Sis too same case, she got conceived after treatment from Joseph nursing home

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    Re: Trying to conceive

    Dont worry! stay positive.. u can conceive with PCOS. find out when u r ovulating using ovulation kit and plan accordingly. take folic acid tablets. Good luck



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