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Here are 5 ways never to propose

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    Here are 5 ways never to propose

    Here are 5 ways never to propose

    While we may be unable to help you look for the love of your life, what we can do, is give you tips on what 'not' to say, if you do find the man/woman of your dreams while you are proposing to her. P.S: The whole red roses, candlelight and soft music works well every time, so we suggest you stick to that.

    1. You remind me of my mother. Please date me:

    This one is a classic. The last person that your girlfriend wants to be compared to is your mother. Trust us, it just isn't sweet if you were in fact, to compare her to the woman that gave birth to you. She not only has to deal with the fact that she has to live the rest of her life trying to live up to the woman that you worship, but to tell her that you want to date her 'because' of that same woman will have her running away from you.

    2. We have been friends for a really long time, you think we should take this to the next level?We agree that a beautiful and healthy friendship is the stepping stone to perhaps a beautiful love story, but to use that line every time? What if the man or woman you're saying this to really doesn't want to take it to the next level? What if you lose a friend in that person by putting them in the spot? Sounds all too familiar? Simple. Don't do it.

    3. Will you be the mother of my kids?Ugh! Seriously?
    You haven't even begun to date and you're thinking of having kids? This will surely have the woman wondering if you're made of stronger stuff! We assure you, this line will almost never work. Don't even think about it.

    4. Will you be my partner in this journey called life?
    This will have the person who you are proposing to, think of you as a preacher! Is that what you really, really want?

    5. I knew I loved you the first time I saw you:
    Probably would work, if it were in a Bollywood film perhaps. Wake up and smell the coffee. This, my friend, is real life. The first time you see a potential partner, the first thing that you'd probably have noticed is what they were wearing. Or the colour of their eyes. And before even you could say 'green' they'd have brushed past you. Not enough time to realize that you are in 'love'. Sorry, but they just wouldn't buy it.

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    Re: Here are 5 ways never to propose

    Thanks for providing with these great ideas. I liked the idea of comparing her to mother the most and the same is the reason you are going to date her. And spending a long life being friend is really stepping stone to the next level. I liked it too. Thanks for it.



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