Help me friends,

I am a Hindu man in love with Hindu girl belongs to different casette for 5 years.Now am working in ICICI bank , Chennai. She is in Coimbatore and 23 years old.But our two family not accept marriage.We now want 2 get married .
But our parents object to it .
we want to go for a registrar marriage can u pls give us the full details of it .

can you tel me the procedures for registar marriage? What are the steps i have to do

give me the details of marriage registrars office address of Coimbatore and Wat about the court marriage .if i take court marriage how many days it will take OR if I take registar marriage how many days it will take.

Mention about the complicacies so that we can take precautions ,in a nearby court pls answer in details

Please send reply as soon as possible. Bcz her parents arranging marriage with some one..... Please consider it.....

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