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Is 11/12/13 the perfect date to marry?

Discussions on "Is 11/12/13 the perfect date to marry?" in "Weddings" forum.

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    Is 11/12/13 the perfect date to marry?

    Is 11/12/13 the perfect date to marry?

    According to a survey, demand for the last sequential date of 2013 for matrimonies is sparking off a rush among couples.

    Any spontaneous romantics out there? This one's for you. A new survey has found that over 2,265 couples are planning to get married on 11/12/13 or 12th November 2013, in a bid to tie the knot on the last sequential date of 2013. After quizzing around 500 brides for the research, a wedding retailer reported a 722 percent increase in marriages on the second Tuesday in November from 371 percent in 2012, says a report. The study has shown that couples love dates that have patterns. It is expected that the last consecutive series of the century 12/13/14 which will occur in 2014, will also reach record-breaking numbers.

    A li'l excitement and luck

    While some regard the date as lucky, other folk also look at it as easy to remember when it comes to anniversaries.

    Psychologist Dr Seema Hingorrany pegs it down to wanting to be a little different. "Couples who are romantic would like to choose this date as it would be something unusual. It enhances the excitement and will give a different dimension to their wedding vis a vis other couples."

    Adds marriage counsellor Sanjoy Mukerji, "Marriage is lifelong, it's for keeps, so choosing a date is always like a do-or-die task. That said, more than anything, couples might choose the date as they want it to work for them luck-wise. Here in India, numerology and astrology are big. So, if the dates are lucky they are bound to be in demand."

    However, numerologist Anupam V Kapil, feels, "The 12th has a bad yoga called vyaghat yoga, which brings obstacles and delays, but numerologically, the good common thing is that whenever there are more than three ones in the date, a person gets fame and recognition, albeit with obstacles."

    High demand for certain dates

    In any case, there is a demand alright! Says wedding planner Candice Pereira, "Last year it was 12/12/12 and this year the date 11/12/13 is definitely the hot pick. Many couples opt to choose this as a date with a pattern or similar numbers is something to talk about later. And you would never forget your anniversary with it!"

    But while getting married on a special date is something that has you excited, don't rush to choose a day without the right reasons, advises Dr Hingorrany. "While being spontaneous is good, don't opt for something just to show off. A lucky date does not necessarily mean your marriage will be a fairy-tale one."

    Other romantic ways to pick a date

    Let the stars show you:

    On a clear night, take a walk with your love. Look skywards and see if the stars show you a number, They usually have patterns and if you're meant to see it in the stars, you might spot a number in the starry formations.

    Go with the weather:

    What is your favourite weather as a couple? Set a date in that season. It can define your wedding romance. Summers are fun and sun-dappled backdrops, Winters for rich opulence and holiday beauty and autumns signify serenity, freshness and calm.

    Do an activity together:

    To choose a date, get away from the humdrum and daily distraction. Take a quiet boat ride together or so a scenic drive down the coast to come up with something. Nature always plays cupid.

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    Re: Is 11/12/13 the perfect date to marry?

    yup but sometimes, time changes and an earthquake come to our lives, which stop each n every planning made by us. :(



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