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how to lose weight fast without exercise

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    how to lose weight fast without exercise

    A Complete blend of soluble & insoluble fibre for positive weight management
    Made of 100% food products, mixed in right proportion to give results. No complicated, unknown or magic ingredients.
    Sit & Burn FAAT™an important part of VITRIMIN’S ACCLERATED NATURAL FAT BURN PROGRAM, takes your worry away – makes you taste the correct food! It consists of a COMPLETE Blend of soluble & Insoluble fibre supplement for POSITIVE weight management.
    Sit & Burn FAAT™ achieves “fat loss-weight loss” thro SEVEN different ways through FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD, PATENTED PRODUCT.
    FIRST – fills the stomach physically on consumption and give “full stomach feel” -“satiety”.
    SECOND – reduces the carving for fatty/ carbohydrate food whole day.
    THIRD – reaches the stored fat in blood vessels, stomach, sub cutaneous tissue and mobilizes away to blood stream.
    FOURTH – burns the fat into energy even while you are not physically active – naturally.
    FIFTH – absorbs the cholesterol / fat from the small intestine and holds it from re absorption into the body, there by lowers blood cholesterol level.
    SIXTH – removes the cholesterol / fat thro feces equivalent to 5 – 7 hours of rigorous gym workout / day.
    SEVEN – increases the insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes – there by reduces the intake of medicines in them.
    SIT & BURN FAAT helps you to achieve fat loss and positive weight management
    NATURALLY without starving.
    What else you wait for – just start sit and burn your fat right now…
    Key Features:

    • Product Research & Development done on Indians, over seven years with various centres / hospitals across India. “PATENTED PRODUCT”
    • Product exactly fits for the Rice eating, Wheat Eating & Fast food eating Population
    • Though immediate weight loss is slow, the results are consistent, and need not consume life long.
    • Ingredients are claimed and used world over by the rice eating population – who make 70% of world’s population as day to day food ingredients.
    • Confers to food safety and standards authority specifications -100% safe and natural.
    • Does not contain proteins -100% safe on kidneys and No chance for Allergic reactions.
    • No Cholesterol / Fat containing Ingredients – easy for LIPOLYSIS -Process for break down of fats and lipids. Weight management is smooth and easy.
    • Physically fills the stomach with the help of soluble and insoluble fibre. No head aches.
    • 100% relieves from any bowel problem like constipation / irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Ingredients help to mobilize and burn fat from blood vessels and sub cutaneous tissue. Fat Burning Process is 100% natural – no artificial stimulants like caffeine / amphetamines added.
    • Ingredients capable of bringing out fat & cholesterol through feces – only one of its kind in the world. Two sachets per day can bring out fat / cholesterol equivalent to 5 – 7 hours of rigorous gym workout/day.
    • Ingredients capable of bringing out fat & cholesterol through feces – only one of its kind in the world. Two sachets per day can bring out fat / cholesterol equivalent to 5 – 7 hours of rigorous gym workout/day.

    Nutritional Information

    Ingredients Per serving (14 gms)
    Psyllium Husk Powder 10.5 g
    Garcinia campogia extract 300 mg
    Papaya fruit powder 500 mg
    Korean Ginseng Extract 200 mg
    Green tea extract 400 mg
    L Carnitine Tartrate 100 mg


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