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Skin care How to avoid sagging skin after weight loss

Discussions on "Skin care How to avoid sagging skin after weight loss" in "Weight Loss Diet and Guide" forum.

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    Skin care How to avoid sagging skin after weight loss

    Skin care How to avoid sagging skin after weight loss

    If you've approached weight loss the short-term and unhealthy way, chances are you've experience sagging skin in all the wrong places.

    Excess skin or sagging skin is a result of losing weight quickly. It isn't pleasant to see loose skin, especially if you're trying to flaunt your body after shedding the extra kilos. In order to avoid this sore sight let's make a list of what we should and should not do. Here we go...

    Your skin has layers of fats, when you lose weight quickly your body does not have enough time to adjust to this new shape of the body. There are several factors that also affect the elasticity of the skin.

    Lose weight at a younger age:
    Rebound is the key; the older you get the longer it will take for your skin to shape up. Now is the time to lose weight if you're young. Have you heard of anti-aging creams? As you grow older your skin lacks the necessary elasticity to bounce back from lost girth, hence lose weight now, when your skin can rebound.

    Take your time with weight loss:
    If you're in a hurry to lose weight, think again! Short term weight loss is more muscle loss than fat loss. This harms your metabolic rates, overall health, and weakens your body in the long run. Add weight training to your regime, it will help to build lean muscle which will tighten the skin.

    External help:
    Collagen creams are expensive and are not effective as long lasting solutions for firm skin. But good old massage therapy helps to tighten your muscle and skin. Stay away from the sun, overly chemical shampoos and soaps - essentially anything that will harm your skin's elasticity.

    Aqua is a remedy:
    Water is the best way to assure that your skin improves its elasticity and retains it. Whatever is your take, you should have at least two liters of water daily. You will enjoy healthy, fresh and tight skin. Water is also your best friend during weight loss - the ultimate double whammy! (Via)

    Collagen may be expensive in a tube, but it is freely available in food rich with protein like milk, beans, lentils, nuts and fish. Fruits and vegetables tighten skin and help in weight loss as well. If you've noticed fruits and vegetables contain a high proportion of water that helps skin rebound after weight loss.

    An important point to consider: Crash dieting harms your skin's elasticity and hurts any rebounding capacity that your reduced girth needs. So stay away from yo yo dieting and rely on healthy food and exercise for weight loss.

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    Re: Skin care How to avoid sagging skin after weight loss

    Hi Viji, Damage is already done is there any recommendation in recovering?.. I hv lost 17 KG in 4-5 months.. I do have sagging skin esp in the face... any advice?



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