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Effective Weight Loss parameter given by – Weight loss Expert Fitho.in

Discussions on "Effective Weight Loss parameter given by – Weight loss Expert Fitho.in" in "Weight Loss Diet and Guide" forum.

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    Effective Weight Loss parameter given by – Weight loss Expert Fitho.in

    A balanced Diet: The basic rule of a balanced diet is to eat a variety of natural and seasonal food. Watch out for packaged foods even if they say "its healthy" or fat free. Carbohydrates is the other thing that gets kicked out of the diet. Did you know carbohydrates are the main source of energy for both your mind and body. In the absence of which both stop working, you get irritable and lethargic. Make sure your body gets its daily dose of complex carbohydrates through fruits, vegetables and grains.
    Never Skip your breakfast: Did you know studies have confirmed that eating breakfast helps you eat less food later in the day, besides fulfilling significant portion of your daily nutritional requirement. This healthy breakfast will give you the instant burst of energy to keep you going till lunch without being tempted to binge in-between.
    Aim to lose weight slowly: There are no shortcuts to losing weight.
    Exercise: Diet alone cannot help you with effective weight loss. For best results add an exercise routine that comprises of a combination of exercises to help you burn the extra calories and tone your body as you go along.
    Experience matters: Consult(Fitho.in) a weight loss expert or program that has experience with designing diet chart that fits your lifestyle. A good diet plan should work around your food preferences and eating habits for sustainable & effective weight loss. A lot of people blindly follow the diet plan given to them by the dietician.
    Stress: A hectic work & social life might be making you fat! The daily stress of keeping up with work and personal commitments can play havoc with your health. Exercise releases “happy hormones” in the system making it the most natural stress buster.

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    Re: Effective Weight Loss parameter given by – Weight loss Expert Fitho.in

    HI.. This is amazing.. Thank you for this.. Even if I am fit now I am still looking and searching why people gained weight.. Here is my first help "The Venus Factor" and it did help.. It is effective..


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