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Korean Fried Rice: A Low Calorie Recipe

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    Korean Fried Rice: A Low Calorie Recipe

    Korean Fried Rice: A Low Calorie Recipe

    Ingredients (Serves 4):

    • Rice- 500gms
    • Vegetable Oil- 4-5tbsp
    • Ginger- 1tbsp (finely chopped)
    • Garlic-1tbsp (finely chopped)
    • Eggs- 3
    • Boneless Chicken- 250-300gms
    • Spring Onions- 200gms (finely chopped)
    • Carrots- 2-3 (finely grated)
    • Capsicum- 29 finely chopped)
    • Ajinomoto- 1tsp
    • Salt to taste


    • Take some rice in a pan filled with water and boil on a gas oven over a high flame.
    • Take down the pan from the oven after it gets boiled.
    • Drain all water from the rice and keep it apart.
    • Now take 2-3 tbsp of vegetable oil in a frying pan and add some salt, ginger and garlic into it. Fry them lightly over a medium flame.
    • Now add eggs into it and scramble them.
    • Strain the oil off the eggs in the pan.
    • Keep the scrambled eggs aside in a small bowl.
    • Now add the boneless chicken pieces into the same pan and cook well.
    • After the chicken pieces gets fried, keep them in a separate bowl.
    • Take another deep frying pan over a gas oven and add 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil into it.
    • Add the spring onions, carrots, capsicum and some salt into the pan. Saute them for 3-4 minutes over a low flame.
    • Add the eggs, chicken, rice and some salt into the same pan and stir it well for 4-5 minutes over a low flame.
    • Take the Korean rice off the frying pan and serve it.

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