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Low Fat Recipe Tomato Palak Sandwich

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    Low Fat Recipe Tomato Palak Sandwich

    Low Fat Recipe Tomato Palak Sandwich


    1. ' cup palak/ spinach (finely chopped, diced)
    2. ' cup horse radish (grated, diced)
    3. ' cup tomatoes (chopped, diced)
    4. 1 cup cream cheese
    5. salt and pepper (or chilli flakes)
    6. 4 whole wheat tortillas or wheat bread

    Tomato Palak Preparation
    1. In a bowl, combine palak, cheese, horseradish, tomatoes, salt (according to taste) and pepper.
    2. Spread the mixture on the tortillas. Place one tortilla over the other and divide them into triangles Or you can even roll one tortilla and cut the rolls. Serve the tomato palak tortilla immediately
    The best part about making these tortillas is that it can preserved under refrigeration for at least a day or two

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