‘I chose to complete my studies and be financially independent


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
‘I chose to complete my studies and be financially independent

Manisha Burke is a role model for differentlyabled children. The 43-year-old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth.

"My brain developed , but my body couldn't quite catch up," says the wheelchairbound Manisha, whose body and limbs are like that of a 10-year-old . But it hasn't stopped her from leading an independent and active life. Manisha lost her mother quite early in life. "My father took care of me till he was alive. Though my younger siblings were sympathetic enough and could have taken care of me, I did not want to be a burden."

So she got herself a job as an administration assistant. She cannot change her clothes or visit the bathroom on her own, but she can type and eat without assistance. "My office provides transport and medical facilities apart from an attendant who can take me to the washroom. I am paid well. Apart from the visible signs, there is no difference between my colleagues and me," she says. Manisha is proud of that fact that she works eight hours a day and earns her own living. She lives at the Life Care Center with Dignity, a Powai-based home and day-care centre for differently-abled people who live together as a family. "I occasionally visit my siblings; there is no bitterness. I chose to complete my studies and become independent. I'm sure they would have taken care of me, but that is not what I wanted."

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