‘I do 100 Surya Namaskaras’


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
‘I do 100 Surya Namaskaras’

says actress Soha Ali Khan, who keeps fit by doing yoga, playing badminton and climbing stairs; when she's bored of the gym

My exercise regime
It's not fixed as I change my form of workout, whenever I get bored. But then I keep an active lifestyle, so I can afford to not hit the gym everyday. In a month, I head to the gym for about two weeks, daily for an hour. Since I have always been fit, I don't stress much on cardio. Besides, the fact that I get bored to run on the treadmill. I prefer doing light weights instead and sometimes I use the elliptical machine. The latter two weeks of the month, I keep fit by playing badminton, climbing stairs for 20 minutes and doing yoga. I do 100 SuryaNamakaras.

My weakness
I think I have this Bengali cheeks. And since I have a petite frame, the cheeks on my face tend to stand out. No matter how much body weight I lose, I can't lose weight on my cheeks! I have tried doing facial exercises and make funny faces in front of the mirror but it hasn't really helped.

My strengths
Many people say that I have a flat stomach. I don't do any crunches or go on a diet for it. My upper body is fine, I pay more attention to my lower body. I believe I have good arms. Also, I do have any weight issues as my weight has been almost constant, fluctuating from 49 to 50 kgs since the past 15 years or so.

My diet
I'm a non-vegetarian who doesn't eat red meat. I eat lot of fish and chicken besides soups, vegetables and fruits like papayas, strawberries, etc. I don't believe in dieting and have a balanced meal. Also, I'm not one of those people who totally avoid carbs. I have carbs in the form of whole grains products. But I have two vices, I'm addicted to diet cola and chocolates. I'm not into protein shakes but I do take vitamin supplements for like three months and after a gap of another three months. I do because taking too many vitamins can strain the kidneys.

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