‘Internet kids may turn into isolated adults’


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
‘Internet kids may turn into isolated adults’

The increasing trend of youngsters being addicted to the internet and their dependence on the virtual world for emotional support worries experts and psychiatrists who fear that these "wired youths" may grow up into adults who will find it difficult to adjust to their real surroundings.

"The adolescent's addiction to internet has reached such a point that children nowadays are more attached to their so-called friends in the virtual world than those surrounding them. In the long run, this generation may face extreme isolation and insecurity," said clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany, adding that children, who have not even reached their teens, are also hooked to the worrying trend.

"We find many children with Facebook addiction syndrome, where they feel helpless if they don't check their accounts regularly or virtually chat with their online friends. They are so used to connecting through these sites that many children these days don't know how to interact with people in general. The internet addiction has robbed them of interpersonal contact in real world," she said.

A study conducted by the PTA United Forum, which surveyed around 600 youngsters ranging from age seven to 15 years, mentioned how children spent almost three to four hours every day chatting with their online friends.

"This shows that the problem is closer to home than what people imagine. Spending these many hours in a day online clearly points at addiction. We will soon hit a phase when people will lose their verbal skills," said Dr Samir Dalvai, developmental and behavioural paediatrician. He also pointed out that youngsters, influenced by the instant reactions invoked in the virtual world were "becoming extremely impulsive" .

But psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty blamed the children's internet dependency on the lack of accessibility in the real world. "Accessibility of human being is very less for children these days, especially because of nuclear families and working parents. This has led to most children depending on the virtual world for emotional stability," said Shetty. He even pointed fingers at some parents "who felt comfortable with children being at home and surfing the internet than staying outside and meeting friends, fearing bad company" . "Parents fail to see that children can fall in bad company online as well. Furthermore, this affects the development of a child," he added.


Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Vijigermany, the dependancy on internet among today's youngsters is really alarmingly increasing. They should be counseled to come to real world also to enable them to bear the difficulties they are going to face when they actually venture into their own life on their own legs. thanks vijigermany

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